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July 30, 11:00 AM (WAST)

Nigeria Summer

Symphony Solutions is growing in Nigeria, and we are looking to have top talents join our team! Become a part of a Western European company and get a chance to join an international community of like-minded professionals, work on challenging projects and with established clients.
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We are looking for new members for our ensemble in Nigeria:

Middle/Senior PHP Developer
Middle/Senior Java Developer
We work with
About us section

Meet Symphony Solutions

Symphony Solutions is a Cloud Transformation company headquartered in Amsterdam with delivery centers in Ukraine, Poland, Macedonia, and the Netherlands.
6 Locations
USA, Western
and Eastern EU
Virtual office
13+ Years
of Experience
IT professionals


Our philosophy is rooted in respect and empathy, guiding how we manage our relationships. This is at the heart of our progress.
Symphony Solutions has learned that by investing value and faith in our people, they, in turn, invest that value in solving clients’ issues. This means they take ownership for projects and determine means of fulfilling client needs for the best result.
We foster clients with mutual affinity, which leads to more solid, longer-term partnerships. As such, the lines between client and service provider are blurred, and we operate as a unified whole.
Symphony Solutions has a reputation for aiming at a 50/50 gender split in response to a more natural and harmonious work environment. Colleagues are accustomed to a lack of gender bias, and women have always had equivalent salaries and career possibilities.
Those who choose Symphony Solutions find like-minded people within a culture of freedom of expression, freedom of spirit, and freedom of mind.

Why you should
become a Symphonian


Start your first day right by receiving your personal Workstation:
- High-end laptop 
- All software preinstalled 
It’s a gift to you from the company

Symphony Academy is our Training Center that answers your requests for continuous learning and upskilling, organizes tech hubs, and creates communities for professionals striving for knowledge.  Pass certification – we cover the costs!
Symphony Solutions supports certification on several tracks driven by SDO, such as: 

  • AWS
  • Microsoft
  • Agile Certifications
Symphony Solutions LACE specialists are highly skilled and internationally certified Agile experts. They provide trainings to nurture your Agile mindset and help you pass certification. 
Recommend your friend and get a bonus!  Know a colleague or friend who would be interested as well?   Feel free to refer them for one of the positions available.  
Being a part of our team is about maintaining the right balance between your personal and professional life, that’s why we offer flexible working hours and ability to work on several projects at the same time and pick up some extra hours. It’s up to you to choose your rhythm.

NEO Program for new employees is a collaborative experience that introduces company standards, processes, and culture. 

  • Online format 
  • 4-day intensive 
  • Newcomers from all locations
  • Lectures and trainings with subject matter experts
  • Meet the Leadership Team
Symphonians get 30 days of vacation per year, starting from the moment they join the company, that they are free to use however they like.
We want you to always be on top of your productivity, and certainly wouldn’t want you to drag to the office while running a fever because you’re all out of sick days. That’s why paid sick leaves are not limited.
Marriage, death of a relative, child birth, military check.
Each Symphony team gets a dedicated budget for team buildings a few times a year. Pick a destination or an activity and create some fond memories to last.
To help you become even better!
How it works section

How does it work?

1. Register for the Event
2. Pass the Technical Testing
3. Have a Technical Interview and Meet our Recruiter
4. Proceed with a Client Interview
5. Get a Job Offer

Meet our experts

Roksolana Stupen
Senior Recruiter
Roksolana Stupen
Senior Recruiter
Roksolana Stupen
Senior Recruiter


Let’s meet on July 30

11:00 AM – Opening ceremony.

11:15 AM – Receive an email with the link to start your test. Once you start the test, you have to pass it till the end without a break. The test will take up to 2 hours total.

15:00 PM – Check your results on the leadership board.

16:00 PM – The leaders will receive the invitation for the following interviews.

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