“Write Code Like Music” – Symphony Solutions Unveils New Branding

“Write Code Like Music” – Symphony Solutions Unveils New Branding


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Write code like music new branding

“The greatest scientists are artists as well.” Albert Einstein

Since successful companies keep an eye on the future in order to grow and evolve to meet changing market conditions, our new branding reflects what Symphony Solutions is today and will be in foreseeable years.

The new branding is a fresh face around the same heart, but the heartbeat is faster owing to growth, new clients, new management, and extension of reach to North American shores. The branding is distinct and ownable to Symphony Solutions whose name and ethic are rooted in the similarities of music and programming.

The path to new branding involved one year of work including employee focus groups, internal and external surveys, client input and brand testing. This means that the result is a company/client-wide effort and not leadership-imposed.


We began with focus groups in all Symphony Solutions locations including Ukraine, Poland, and Macedonia. Focus Groups were especially revealing and helpful because words and images were used to depict feelings and associations about the company, especially as differentiated from other software development firms in the areas we serve.

Next, we conducted internal and external surveys to investigate lifestyle and leverage areas of importance, along with personal interviews with colleagues and clients. Each stage of research yielded consistent results, which kept confirming that our progress was really on track.

Valentina Synenka, CMO at Symphony Solutions, adds:

“Actually, we had no details, nothing at any stage that told us we were headed in the wrong direction. We believe that the new branding reflects our unique free and welcoming spirit with the creativity and precision of music and coding that our clients respect and admire.”

Write code like music branding


The copy line, “Write Code Like Music,” brings the long-term potential for a brand evolution. Because visual components combine abstracted musical notes with code images, integrated with the human element, the brand image actually humanizes coding and composing in a natural, up-beat way.

We see this as different from competitive brands who often use cool tones and colors, futuristic images, AI, and others to represent their brands.

David Yarwood, a composer, musician and software engineer says:

“Both fields are very regular and mathematical in nature yet contain a strong element of artistic creation.”

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