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Win-Win! Refer a Friend and Receive up to 2000 EUR

referral programWho can Participate?

The Referral program is open to everyone who recommends a suitable candidate for job positions in our Krakow office. Note that applications and/or referrals are valid only for Middle and Senior Java positions.


Referral bonus:


Successful referral for Middle level – 1000 EU

Successful referral for Senior level – 2000 EU


Successful referral means:

  • The referrer will get one of the bonuses above, provided that the referred person accepts the job offer and works with Symphony for 3 months.
  • After 3 months of applicant employment, the referrer will be contacted by Recruiters to discuss the process of referral bonus granting.
  • The referrer is not expected to receive a bonus for providing a сandidate for irrelevant vacancies (or if the position is not in the list of active vacancies at the moment).
  • The referral is valid for 3 months.


How to refer:

For Internal participants willing to refer an engineer

The guide is for Symphony Solutions employees only.

Once a referrer decides to recommend a specialist, please submit the Referral Request in ERP using the following guidelines below:

Create → Request → iRefer Request (or 8034) → Fill in the Required Fields → Create

For External participants willing to refer an engineer, use the form below:

Your contact details

Please enter your correct contact details below because you will receive a response from Symphony Solutions regarding the validity of your referral and possible future steps.

Contact details from the person you are referring

In the below form, you will enter contact details from the persons you are referring for the Open vacancies in Krakow, Poland. In order to be eligible to win prizes, you must upload their CV.

Upload CV


NOTICE: There is no limit to the number of persons you can refer. If you would like to refer other persons, please come back to this page again and enter the form with other referrals.

Check open vacancies in Krakow

Lead Java Software Developer
Senior Frontend Software Developer
Senior Python Software Developer
Senior Java Software Developer

After submitting an iRefer candidate – within 1 business day the referrer will receive a response from a Symphony Recruiter regarding the relevance of the referral, and possible further steps. In case of successful referral –  the referrer will get a bonus after 3 months of referee employment, provided the initial review is passed successfully. In case of additional questions regarding the iRefer programme please contact the Recruitment Department.