Why Working at Symphony Solutions is Almost the Bahamas?

Why Working at Symphony Solutions is Almost the Bahamas?


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If you take into account the fact that you work around 40 hours per week and probably die at the age of 70, the time you spend at work is over 10 years in total. Does not seem so much, huh? Well, it’s not, but try to subtract 25 years of sleeping, 2 years watching commercials, 17 years trying to lose your weight or 4,3 years driving your car, 9 years of watching movies and TV, 2,5 years cooking and 3,6 years eating and there is left not that much time! So ten years of work, 40 hours per week, 8 hours per day and, therefore, the third part of your everyday living is quite a significant part of your lifetime, isn’t it?

Why working at Symphony Solutions is almost the Bahamas

Many people say that work is about how much you’re paid. It’s really true that money is important. But wouldn’t it be cool to get up in the morning without hating it and have a passion for going to work even after doing this for so many years? Okay, you still receive your money, but what about an additional pleasure for your soul, mind and body from the environment you stay in 8 hours per day? Sounds too perfect? Don’t worry! At Symphony Solutions we know how to make perfection happen.

No, we don’t work on the Bahamas. There’s nobody to wave palm leaves in front of you (oh, why?!), but we’ve got all of those tiny things that create for us comfort, harmony and motivation spirit. Ultimately, we stay in the office the same amount of time as at home. Consequently, can’t feeling equally good at both places be called perfection?

Researches say that the more the person is happy at work, the higher their productivity is. Well, not all of our employees are happy when they lose playing Mortal Combat or ping-pong, but after a cup of tasty coffee, healthy lunch or just listening to the birds in the park and watching the cow on the ceiling, they feel much better 🙂

Those who are especially sensitive, can have their nails done, enjoy a relaxing massage, get some cosmo power at yoga classes or just merge with nature in the Magic Wood.

Bored with the same streets and grey walls? Just go to work! Come to the green zone of our office designed as a smaller copy of Dutch village Zaanse Schans and make yourself feel in Holland! We’ve got 9 different meeting rooms with a unique idea each, from the bicycles to the Red Light District, and depending on a current mood, you decide which one you want to work in.

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