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We are not different in WHAT we do but we are different in HOW we do IT

Symphony Care

Symphony Solutions Care Program

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Symphony Solutions is a company that is focused on people, as it is people who make the business, create the atmosphere, maintain the culture and inspire action. Appreciating the initiative makes us step in and instigate changes in those areas where we can make a positive impact on ours and other people’s lives. Over the years those actions, attitude and habits crystalize in Symphony Solutions Corporate Social Program – Symphony Care.

As it is our principles and values which make us who we are and set the character of collaboration and communication in general, each aspect of Symphony Care CSR Program organically grows from our values.

We share because we care

Integrating with the environment

We are the integral part of our planet and need to do the right thing for it. Healthy business environment is another aspect we take responsibility for

Caring for the human and natural resources has a contribution to what is going on in the world.

We deeply care about our planet and its future. Sustainable green office and healthy lifestyle are rooted in our culture. Each year we spread the idea of improving Symphonians green habits during Green Week, which is a series of eco and charity events. We try our best to make it easier for our people to choose and consciously follow eco-friendly principles by launching various programs and perks.

Symphony Lviv park

At Symphony Solutions we follow the statement that care about the environment embraces also care about the business environment. Being an international company and operating business in Ukraine, Poland, Macedonia and the Netherlands requires a necessity of tolerant, respectful and transparent relationships. We encourage building a trustworthy community to achieve big goals. Our company creates a place of comfort for creativity and excellence, which means convenient working conditions, gender equality as far as caring our staff is 50% men and 50% women, understanding and loyalty. Also we believe in doing transparent and honest business and have 0% tolerance to corruption.

Innovating the future

Investing in innovations means investing in education

The world is always changing and to keep up people need to be thirsty for new knowledge and what the future has to offer. We support and provide educational and entertaining events for the future generation and we inspire them to believe in the pursue of success and happiness. Symphony Solutions hosts, supports and co-organizes various educational events, technical conferences and meetups.

Innovating for future

We are also holders and inspirers of two educational platforms: Symphony Academy which is focused on developing technical and soft skills and Agile Space, platform for Agile believers, who unite to create a regular space for meetings, collaboration and learning for like-minded people.

Initiating The change

We initiate a step forward to those in need

Sometimes little effort makes a big difference. When you are living and working in a certain environment, you are affected by it and you have an influence on it as well. When you are given a privilege of youth, strength and other abilities, you have to take the responsibility for those in need. The culture of a country is often recognised by the way it cares for the elderly, so Symphony Solutions encourages to pay attention and help also to geriatric centres. Also we help people with disabilities and orphans.

Hackaton poster

Inspiring others

Inspired by beauty. Music and art is in our DNA

Behind every action stands inspiration. Our ultimate passion is going beyond the expectations and setting an example for others. We are a lot like an orchestra, that tries to get that very note perfectly and be better than the last time. We are connected with music metaphorically and literally, as Symphony Solutions supports various musical events and the “INSO-Lviv” youth academic symphony orchestra. Caring for art and beauty brings aesthetic inspiration that might surprise you.

Inspiring others

Building Intimacy

We build relationships while defending diversity, transparency, and care for our colleagues

When asked about the best thing about the company, a Symphonian would most likely say – the people. This is no coincidence, as our staff are not just colleagues and teammates. Living by the same principles and wanting the same things badly enough brings us close and creates intimacy. Having a transparent and trusting relationship fills you up with confidence to bring out your best qualities and implement them in actions.

Symphony Design Studio

At Symphony Solutions we do not grow business, we let people grow professionally. The company provides multiple opportunities for the employees to study more, to get involved in things, that matter and to act on things that are their passion. There are 40 billable hours to be used on education whether it is to share or to gain some interesting, valuable information.

Most of us are like the rest of us. You wouldn`t like to do something, that you wouldn`t like to be done to you. This comes down to the notion of personality ethic and why trust is our core value. We build an open relationship with our employees and our clients and we focus not on what we can extract from each other but on how we can make a difference in our mutual service. We cultivate the culture of doing the right thing and treating each other with respect and integrity.

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