Our Awards

Win with us. While Symphony Solutions does not cultivate awards, we are always pleased to be recognized.

best workplaces of the year symphony solutions

50 Best Workplaces of the year 2018

Symphony Solutions is grateful to be recognized as one of the Silicon Review ‘’50 best workplaces of the year 2018’’.

From Founder Theo Schnitfink:

“We’ve built Symphony around a strong culture of trust that values people and interpersonal connections over processes and tools. At the same time, we add intimacy into building close customer relationships that grow into long-term partnerships instead of making short contract negotiations”.

The Silicon Review is one of the world’s most trusted online and print publications for business & technology professionals. Its readers and members include CEOs, CIOs, CTOs, SVPs and managers, along with a diverse group of IT professionals.

top B2B companies clutch symphony solutions

Top B2B Companies in Netherlands 2018 by Clutch

Symphony Solutions was recognized by Clutch as one of the top B2B services providers in the Netherlands.  This is especially significant because their list includes 31 companies in 4 distinct fields – marketing, design, development and IT.

From founder Theo Schnitfink:

Symphony Solutions is proud to be recognized by Clutch, especially since our culture and our people value client relationships as the main focus of their attention.  To see this coming back to us through our clients’ feedback is very heartwarming and satisfying.”

20 most admired companies to watch 2018

20 Most Admired Companies to Watch 2018

Symphony Solutions, a digital transformation company headquartered in The Netherlands, is proud to be included in the “20 Most Admired Companies” by Insights Success Magazine. This is especially significant because the publication has 60,000 readers and covers industries in Banking and Finance, Healthcare, IT, and others.

From Founder Theo Schnitfink:

“Symphony Solutions would like to thank Insights Success for inclusion in this small group of ’20 Most Admired Companies in 2018.’ I know the magazine covers engaging topics from aerospace to manufacturing, and we are honored to be among them.”

50 best workplaces to watch CB 2017

Best Workplace Award

Our Symphonians, and their well-being and motivation are the heart of our company. That is why we focus a lot of time and energy on creating a workplace that supports a healthy lifestyle and inspires productivity. Our culture is built upon a foundation of trust, and supported by honesty and integrity. Furthermore, we have removed the strict hierarchical barriers and encourage innovation, initiative, honesty, and communication.

The special interior in our offices and the benefit we provide, such as learning and development opportunities, medical care, free meals, fitness and yoga, and much more, are in service of making the time on the office more enjoyable, and keeping our Symphonians inspired and motivated at all times.

As a result, in December 2017, CIO Bulletin named us one of the 50 Best Workplaces to Watch 2017. This only shows us that breaking the old rules and revolutionizing the traditional workplace is the way ahead towards creating a more efficient and productive environment.

company of the year 2017 award

Agile Transformation Award

Embracing innovation and improving efficiency are our main predicaments when it comes to structuring and organizing our internal processes. Being Agile and working according to the Agile principles enhances our unique company culture, allowing us to work smarter, be more flexible and adapt faster to the changes in the IT world.

The uniquely intertwined company values and Agile principles have given us a lot of competitive advantages and resulted in numerous positive outcomes. We have increased our output, reduced code complexity, shortened deployment cycles and achieved higher satisfaction in teams. Ultimately, this lead us to form stronger relationships with our Symphonians and clients.

Once again, in December 2017, the significance of our efforts has been recognized by The Technology Headlines, and we received an award for being Agile Transformation Company of the Year.

“What truly sets Symphony Solutions apart is not the range of services they provide, but their Agile-driven modus operandi. To that accord, every employee respects and works by the Agile principles. Starting from the leadership team, to the latest junior hires, even the Finance and Human Resources, in Symphony called Employee Relationship Management teams are Agile”, The Technology Headlines noted in their article.

Designrush accredited agency 2019

Top 25 DesignRush’s Digital Marketing Companies

Symphony Solutions was recognized as one of the Top 25 Digital Marketing Companies by DesignRush. This is especially significant since their publication covers a range of different companies including top full-service agencies, web design companies, digital marketing firms & top technology companies.

DesignRush is a B2B marketplace connecting brands with agencies, categorized by their areas of expertise. Their listing section includes a professional firm portfolio, prior work, leadership, reviews, services, pricing structure and more, which helps them rank the agencies proven to provide a strong return on investment for clients.

20 most promising Java Development solution providers 2016 CIOReview

20 Most Promising Java Development Solution Providers

Staying up to date with technological innovations, and software development tools and techniques are very important to stay relevant in the fast-evolving world of IT. To be able to provide customers with the most efficient solutions, we make sure to always learn and implement the best of the latest trends and practices and use the most efficient tools and platforms which enable us to develop tech-forward solutions.

Our drive to excel and stay current in our work has been noticed and we’ve been honored with another recognition by CIOReview Magazine. In June 2016 they named us among the 20 Most Promising Java Development Solution Providers 2016.

“Symphony Solutions continued to break new ground within the past year, benefiting its customers,” noted Jeevan George, Managing Editor of CIOReview. “CIOReview is happy to showcase Symphony Solutions this year due to its continuing excellence in delivering top-notch technology-driven solutions.”

20 most promising Quality Assurance solution providers 2016 CIOReview

20 Most Promising Quality Assurance Solution Providers

Our dedication to providing outstanding services to our customers begins from envisioning the best solutions for their needs, through development and testing, to delivering high-quality products. During different phases of the development process, our experienced Quality Assurance teams perform series of manual and automated tests to ensure the end-products we deliver to the customers are developed according to specifications, fully-functional and bug-free.

In February 2016 we received our first recognition from CIOReview Magazine and we were honored to be the chosen as one of the 20 Most Promising Quality Assurance Solution Providers. This recognition was only a confirmation that our constant efforts and dedication to deliver flawless digital solutions didn’t go unnoticed, and we are truly making a difference in the way we test and develop digital products.

Additionally, Jeevan George, Managing Editor of CIOReview stated:

“The companies selected for our 20 Most Promising Quality Assurance Solution Providers 2016 list are an elite group of companies whose products and solutions are changing their respective industries. We are proud to feature Symphony Solutions in this edition for its range of revolutionary solutions that is setting a new benchmark in the quality assurance arena.”