Who we are

We are not different in WHAT we do but we are different in HOW we do IT

Our Approach

Symphony Solutions is a professional services company that offers a rich pallet of solutions designed for increased business productivity and efficiency. We developed our solutions according to your business needs and with the end-users in mind.

Our services portfolio is not what makes us different. What makes us different is who we are and how we provide the services to our clients.

We strive to be an Agile organization as a whole. Starting from the leadership team, to all support functions, we are all working in Agile as much as possible. That allows us not only to deliver Agile projects as well but be an Agile organization as a whole.

We’ve built Symphony around a strong culture of trust that values people and interpersonal connections over processes and tools. At the same time, we add intimacy into building close customer relationships that grow into long-term partnerships instead of making short contract negotiations.

Agile Enabled Company

We have a team-based organization, where our Agile-trained leaders support each team. They are the biggest Agile-ambassadors within and outside the company. Following one of Agile’s principles – “Inspect & Adapt”, we are relentless about making constant improvements. We modify existing and adopt emerging practices, enrich client context and keep project specifics clear but flexible. At the same time, we make sure to adjust our guidelines and policies, so we can improve the balance between discipline and creativity. The main goal is to achieve alignment of our business goals and processes while keeping transparency, execution and quality at high levels.

Our stable, but flexible and adaptive environment enables us to work in iterations that have short feedback loops and predictable work mode. Therefore, we can handle projects of any size and scale, and break down even the most complex tasks into easy-to-complete pieces.

This way of working allows us to create each solution with utmost precision and attention to details. Our dedication is evident in the amazing design and seamless user experience of each product we create.

Trust and Intimacy are the Key Ingredients for Build Lasting Relationships

Our unique approach of building trust, intimacy and closeness with our clients allows us to establish long and successful partnerships. Over time, the collaboration becomes deeper and more personal so the client’s teams and ours can work like one. This type of relationship has given us the benefit of extending our Symphony Solutions family with many continuing collaborations and partnerships that span over several years. More importantly, we can proudly say we’ve never lost a client.

When we start a new partnership, first we want to get to know your business and culture. In order to make the collaboration and communication better and more successful, we make an assessment, review your business needs and go over the solution idea and requirements together.

Before entering the development phase, we go over the business tools, processes and methodologies you use. Generally, we adopt the client’s approach and make slight or no changes or adaptations to their usual work flow. But we always share our own best practice recommendations if we believe they might be beneficial to the client. We have different tools and instruments that we recommend depending on the project’s size and scale, but the systems and concepts are the same. At the end, it is the client’s decision how they want to work with us, and whether they want to accept any of our tools and processes recommendations. In either case, we aim to build an eco-system with strong focus on people, teams and business needs, and establish a long-term collaboration with transparent processes.

Once we establish project needs and set up the work processes, we pick only the best talent to work with your internal teams. We strive to hire seasoned professionals who are a not only a perfect fit to our company culture and values, but are also suitable to your cultural and business needs. We make preselection of talent, then we leave the final selection out of our shortlisted candidates to the client.

Partner With Us

The tendency to be Agile, starting from the leadership team to every employee in our organization, enables us to be different in the way we communicate with clients and how we do business. We encourage building strong relationships based on trust and mutual understanding that pass the test of time. The solutions we create solve all your business challenges and help your company grow.

We want to partner up with you! Let’s compose the IT solution you need together!