Our Culture

Come in, see what you think. If Symphony Solutions is for you, you will know it when you walk through the door, when you feel the warm and welcoming spirit, the casual environment, the allure of the open park setting which many say is,

“The coolest office I have ever seen.” 

You choose your company where the culture is most compatible with yours, where you fit in the best. No culture is for everyone.

Some people prefer highly structured larger companies with systems in place for everything, and some prefer the small-family nature of start-ups racing to the next finish line. Symphony Solutions is neither of those. It is a growing company with a unique international culture, committed teams, and a big park to call home. 

But on Friday evenings with pizza and beer, the scene transforms and it’s time for fun. Symphony Solutions is a people company.

Our Values

Every company is guided by a set of ideals, the underpinnings of the company’s practices with each other, with clients, and with the outside world.

Trust – The foundation, earn trust to build trust with colleagues and clients.

Integrity – Do the right thing even if no one is watching.

Innovation – Keep an innovative state of mind no matter what you are doing.

Initiative – Be the change you want to see around you, be bold, go first.

Inspirational – Do it with passion and from the heart. If you can feel it, let it guide you.

Intimacy – Show support with teams and clients, and they will return that support twice as much.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is rooted in respect and empathy. When we invest faith and trust in our people, they in turn take care of the business. Symphony Solutions does not hold a tight leash. It is a people company, and the people take care of the clients.

Similarly, we foster clients with philosophies like ours. That way the fit is more natural, and clients stay and grow with us.

Gender balance is central to our philosophy. A 50/50 gender split is the ideal way to work for both men and women. It is natural, it is harmony, it is the way of life. People appreciate the equal opportunity, the equal pay for equal work, and the special benefits for men and women with children.

Eco is everywhere at Symphony Solutions. It includes the imperative reuse, reduce, recycle and initiatives like Green Week, like Eco workshops, like the new vegan café in Lviv, OM NOM NOM Cantina.

Actually, gender balance and Eco consciousness are values we inhabit, similar to the company values we embrace every day.

Our History

In 2008 Dutch Founder and CEO, Theo Schnitfink, envisioned a company where he himself would like to work, a company which would be a professional home for passion-driven colleagues. This had been his dream for many years. 

The culture with flat management, gender balance, and Agile practice has been perpetuated over a decade of growth and renewal.

In 2008, the company had 6 people and 1 client. From a small office in Lviv, Ukraine, Symphony Solutions grew to 100 people by 2013 to 300 people by 2016 to 550 today. This includes people in Ukraine, 2 locations in Poland and 1 in Skopje, Macedonia. An office was recently opened in Boston in the U.S. to better serve North American clients.

Take a look at Symphony Solutions’ 10 years history timeline!