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WeLviv – Touristic Art-Project for Lviv City Council

WeLviv – touristic art-project for Lviv City Council

Last weekend the official opening of “WeLviv” project was held. It is a touristic art-project for Lviv City Council, suggested by a Dutch urbanist Kees van Ruyven.

It all started 2 years ago when four Dutch men came to visit Lviv. They found Lviv extremely beautiful but also the city full of drama, with rich history and wonderful architecture. This combination – beauty, history and drama – is what they liked the most. That is why Dolph Kessler, Michiel Driebergen, Kees van Ruyven and Herman Zonderland decided to publish their book “Lviv – city of paradoxes” and to present Lviv as it is – colourful, cultural and dramatic.

“WeLviv” project is closely related to “Lviv – city of paradoxes” book. Its idea stems from the question of how to connect the dramatic cultural-historical past of Lviv with its future and its residents.

“WeLviv” project consists of two parts: photo exhibition of Lviv citizens and a web-app. The decision was to make this project accessible to visitors in the most public place of Lviv. That is why the exhibition takes place in the Tower of the City Hall which symbolizes the democratic city council. Thousands of visitors from all over Ukraine and abroad climb the stairs of City Hall Tower every year. The tower consists of a platform with 60 gray battlements in between over which the panorama of the city can be seen. The exhibition itself contains 56 photo portraits of  residents of the city. These portraits represent a diversity of backgrounds and establish a connection to their city. The past, the present and their future is presented by them. All these people had and still have their personal stories, their history and their dreams about the city, culture, history, drama and heritage.

“WeLviv”” web-app allows us to explore every story in different languages by scanning special QR code. The stories are available in different languages (English, Dutch, German, French, Polish and others), the video/audio functionality is planned to be implemented in the future.

“WeLviv” software development dates back to Symphony Hackathon Kindhack, where Kees found a team of talented developers and designers who implemented this beautiful idea into life. Symphony is proud to contribute to “WeLviv project”, to Lviv in general and to show our customers why Lviv is a place worth visiting.


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