iOS Developer in Poland – [Inactive]

We are looking for an exceptional and experienced iOS developer with excellent English

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This Vacancy is currently inactive. However, should you wish to send your CV for consideration, please use the form below and when the position becomes active again, we will notify you.

Symphony – Why So Special?

At Symphony Solutions we have removed all possible barriers created by the traditional organization and embraced the organic principles and a high-degree of self-management. We believe that this kind of organization is the optimal environment to attract and retain the best talents, fully develop them and leverage their potential. As a result, we have achieved the highest retention of employees possible in our industry (currently there’s less than 3% unwanted turnover).
We have a unique employee selection process where colleagues choose colleagues. Such approach eliminates possible conflicts and ensures honest and transparent relationship with clients and within the team. Symphony Solutions is a company that strives to be the Best Price/Performance and the easiest to do business with.


  • 3 years of iOS development experience;
  • Demonstrable skills in managing time and priorities effectively;
  • Initiative and creativity when approaching challenges;
  • User interface design and development experience;
  • Objective-C and development experience utilizing iOS version 7.0 and newer;
  • Knowledge of software development lifecycles for web and mobile-based software;
  • Experience working with RESTful Web Services (E.g. AFNetworking, RestKit, Alamofire);
  • Strong knowledge of iOS memory management;
  • Knowledge of concurrent programming (GCD, multithreading, NSOperationQueue);
  • Proficiency in UIKit, Foundation, Core Animation, Core Graphics, and Core Data frameworks;
  • Experience with XCode and source control (Git);
  • Experience integrating third-party libraries and APIs (Cocoapods, Carthage).

Additional Requirements:

  • Experience using tools and languages outside of iOS development, (E.g. JavaScript, Node.js, Python, Ruby);
  • Hands-on knowledge of iOS 8 + features (e.g., ARC, Storyboards, Auto Layout, Swift);
  • Knowledge of Secure Coding Techniques and OS Security Features;
  • Knowledge of the agile development methodology;
  • Experience creating user-friendly customer applications;
  • Experience working with formal QA processes and proper bug handling;
  • Experience using iOS Instruments for solving performance issues and memory leaks.

We offer:

  • Friendly and highly professional teams;
  • Competitive salary and compensation package;
  • Career and professional growth;
  • Regular (twice a year) performance reviews;
  • Low hierarchy and open communication.

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