DevOps Engineer in Skopje, Macedonia – [Inactive]

We are looking for a DevOps Engineer to join our rapidly growing development team in Skopje

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This Vacancy is currently inactive. However, should you wish to send your CV for consideration, please use the form below and when the position becomes active again, we will notify you.

Symphony – Why So Special?

Symphony Solutions is an international Dutch IT company with offices in Ukraine, Macedonia, and Poland. We have been on the market for more than 10 years already and preserve a unique culture within all our locations.
At Symphony Solutions we have removed all possible barriers created by the traditional organization and embraced the organic principles and a high-degree of self-management. We believe that this kind of organization is the optimal environment to attract and retain the best talents, fully develop them and leverage their potential. As a result, we have achieved the highest retention of employees possible in our industry (currently there’s less than 3% unwanted turnover). We have a unique employee selection process where colleagues choose colleagues. Such approach eliminates possible conflicts and ensures honest and transparent relationship with clients and within the team. Symphony Solutions is a company that strives to be the Best Price/Performance and the easiest to do business with.

For the needs of our client in Malta, Symphony Solutions in Skopje is currently looking for a DevOps Engineer for a full-time position who will become a contributor to the business transformation process of the long-term success and growth of the company.

Knowledge, Skills & Experience:

  • Excellent command of written and spoken English;
  • Great analytical skills and an eye for detail;
  • Very good interpersonal skills;
  • Experience working in a Scrum team or similar Agile environment would be a plus;
  • 3+ years of experience in a similar role, with focus on Linux system administration, configuration and automation;
  • Advanced knowledge and experience in Bash command line scripting is a must; knowledge of PHP on top of that would be awesome!;
  • Experience in Linux network configuration and management; past experience with OPNsense, pfSense or similar would be ideal;
  • Knowledge and experience using cloud infrastructure providers such as Digital Ocean and Amazon AWS, as well as infrastructure automation tools such as Ansible, Puppet, Terraform or similar would be great;
  • Deep knowledge and experience building, maintaining and supporting LAMP server configurations; Apache, Nginx, MySQL or similar industry alternatives;
  • Good knowledge of CDNs/SSL/Proxies; CloudFlare or similar;
  • Experience with CI/CD, containerization, and building delivery pipelines; GitLab, BitBucket, Jenkins, Docker, or similar;
  • Knowledge and experience in any of the following, or similar, would also be considered an additional plus: Web Host Manager, cPanel, WordPress, MongoDB, Kafka, Redis, Varnish, NetData, Zabbix;
  • Able to manage own time and work under pressure with minimal supervision;
  • Takes initiative and relentlessly seeks improvement.

Main responsibilities:

  • Work collaboratively as part of a small, cross-functional Scrum team, actively participating and contributing to Scrum events as appropriate;
  • Implement, scale, maintain and support our hosting and underlying delivery infrastructure, typically consisting of a cloud-based LAMP stack, and frequently with a CMS component such as WordPress;
  • Monitor and secure the entire technical stack;
  • Troubleshoot, identify root causes of, and remediate complex technical issues;
  • Implement, test and maintain backup, fail-over and disaster recovery systems and procedures;
  • Consistently achieve best-in-class levels of uptime and availability;
  • Automate our development, test and deployment processes and infrastructure to the greatest extent possible, leveraging modern approaches such as CI/CD, containerization and infrastructure as code as best suited for our context and needs;
  • Build, maintain and continuously improve our delivery pipelines, which typically involves working with GitLab and Docker;
  • Interact with other teams to understand requirements, and assist as necessary in the design, specification and implementation of a high performing and resilient technical architecture;
  • Develop and maintain internal documentation for key systems and services;
  • Coach and assist less experienced team members.

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