Transforming Symphony Solutions’ Identity: Strategic Rebranding   


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In a dynamic and highly competitive business landscape, the significance of staying fresh and relevant cannot be overstated. Market trends, customer preferences, and technological advancements are constantly evolving, demanding companies to adapt and evolve alongside. By proactively reevaluating their brand image, companies can ensure they remain in sync with the changing needs and expectations of their target audience. 

With this in mind, Symphony Solutions embarked on a strategic rebranding journey, where music takes center stage in shaping our brand identity. As we navigate the dynamic market, we maintain our core values while embracing innovation.  

Adapting to change and staying relevant 

Symphony Solutions stands as an extraordinary brand that embodies intimacy, integrity, and collaboration. These principles are deeply ingrained in our organization, guiding our actions both internally and in our client interactions.  

And as our company grows and faces new and exciting challenges, our values and aspirations evolve alongside. To remain relevant in this dynamic market, we recognized the need to restyle and redesign our existing brand. Our goal was to preserve the equity of our established brand while infusing it with a fresh, contemporary look that is people-oriented. Here’s how we did it.

Recognizing music as our competitive advantage

Music serves as our primary competitive advantage over other companies in the industry. We have integrated music as an integral part of our branding and philosophy, emphasizing its harmonious and captivating qualities. 

Symphony Solutions branding

 Iryna Kalyn_Senior Experience Designer

“Simplicity forms the foundation of complexity. When creating new meanings and contexts, it is vital to preserve these simple elements: forms, words, colors, and ideas. They hold the utmost importance, serving as the core around which more complicated structures are woven, akin to a delicate lace of robust and inseparable bonds,” says Iryna Kalyn, Senior Experience Designer 

2022 Communications and Brand Audit

To kickstart the rebranding process, we conducted a comprehensive audit of our communications and brand appearance. This evaluation encompassed an analysis of our messaging, visual representation, and tone of voice. By identifying the strengths and weaknesses of our current visuals and communication style, we gained valuable insights for future strategic planning. 


Competitor Visual Analysis 

Furthermore, we conducted a thorough analysis of our competitors’ strategies, examining both industry-specific and diverse-sector companies. This visual competitor analysis provided inspiration and highlighted areas for improvement, ensuring the distinctiveness and enhanced appearance of the Symphony Solutions brand. 

Brand Archetype Identification 

To establish a clear direction for our brand, we identified a suitable brand archetype that serves as a guiding framework. We adopted both the Creator and Explorer archetypes, representing our creativity, innovation, adventurous spirit, and open-mindedness. These archetypes allow us to tailor our communication to different audiences, both in B2B and B2C contexts.


Brand Workshops and Visual Direction 


Through engaging brainstorming workshops, we envisioned the ideal company each participant wished to be part of. We created contextual and associative clusters by associating favorite music, movies, colors, and more. These clusters formed the core of our branding strategy. 

Following the audit and workshops, we identified key clusters of brand associations to pinpoint the essential attributes, values, and emotions that we aimed to evoke in our target audience.

We narrowed down three distinct visual directions to cater to our diverse needs. The first two  focus on brand awareness and recruitment communication, showcasing our ability to work from anywhere and fostering a vibrant community. The third visual direction, designed specifically for B2B communication, combines nature and technology themes to create a compelling visual narrative. 



Valentina Synenka_Chief Marketing Officer at Symphony Solutions

“Retaining our main slogan, “Write code like music,” we maintain a distinctive way of thinking and approach within our company. Music serves as a remarkable instrument, encompassing diversity, variety, rhythm, organization, freedom, and unity.”, says Valentina Synenka, Chief Marketing Officer at Symphony Solutions 

Results: Comprehensive Transformation and Evolution 

Through our rebranding efforts, Symphony Solutions underwent a comprehensive transformation of its visual identity and communication channels. Our social media, corporate signatures, promo banners, website, and even our Spotify accounts have been updated to reflect our new brand direction. This strategic rebranding aligns with our company’s latest developmental focus, marking a significant transition to the anywhere mode and reflecting the evolution of our vision and values.


With these recent changes implemented, we anticipate a wave of tangible business results that will further reinforce the impact of our rebranding efforts. Symphony Solutions continues to strive for excellence while embracing our newfound identity, always staying true to our core values of intimacy, integrity, and collaboration. 

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