Use the powerful Salesforce platform to streamline and centralize your business process, improve workflow, manage customer relationships and more

What is Salesforce?

Salesforce is a world leading CRM software and enterprise cloud system designed to help businesses grow into more streamlined, effective, and efficient organizations. The platform offers a variety of cloud-based applications that ensure real-time visibility of activities, ease of access, better utilization of resources, and great customer experience. Over the years, the platform has grown in popularity and now has over 100,000 customers.

What is Salesforce Used for?

Salesforce offers applications that span across all business aspects including: management of customer relationships and customer service, ERP, marketing automation, business analytics, mobile application building, and more.
The platform is broken down into several categories that offer different products and solutions which depend on specific business needs.


The sales-oriented products, Sales Cloud and Salesforce CPQ enable teams to work better and increase productivity. Among other options, the platform allows team members to close deals easier, manage contacts and track opportunities, deliver accurate quotes, proposals and contracts, automate billing and subscriptions, and revenue recognition.


Salesforce also offers service software products – Salesforce Service Cloud and Field Service Lightning that can enhance customer support, by providing businesses with more responsive, intuitive, and flexible service solutions. That way businesses can anticipate customers’ needs and deliver intelligent and productive onsite services.


Marketing solutions like Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Salesforce DMP and Pardot enable businesses to deliver personalized customer journeys, accelerate the pipeline and drive sales through use of email, mobile, social, digital advertising and DMP, and with B2B marketing automation.


The Commerce Cloud, Commerce Cloud Order Management and Commerce Cloud Store are using the agility of the cloud to help create a seamless experience across all devices. They engage the shoppers by creating personalized, innovative, and AI-powered experience.


The different community products – Salesforce Community Cloud and Chatter allow businesses to build deeper relationships with customers and improve employee productivity. You can also use the tools to turn social into a business tool by connecting employees with the files, data, and expertise they need.


Having a good analytics software is crucial for making informed decisions and connecting better with customers. Salesforce’s solutions Einstein Analytics, Sales Analytics and Service Analytics transform the way businesses collect, analyze and distribute data. These tools can ask questions, find new opportunities, deliver customizable insights, and turn them into actions that drive better customer experience.


Quip is another great Salesforce tool that is used to improve team productivity. It allows team members to create, share, and edit documents, and also embed live Salesforce data that automatically updates.

App development

The Salesforce Platform is a one-stop shop for streamlining, automating and mobilizing business processes. Is allows companies to build, run, manage and optimize scalable and trusted apps based on the Salesforce platform. Additionally, the newly developed Salesforce Lightning platform enables developers to build responsive apps for all devices.

Internet of Things

To further improve customer experience, Salesforce’s IoT Cloud enables the use of real-time data insights from real behavior by using IoT devices, sensors, and products to connect theirs to the other Salesforce data.

Advantages of Using Salesforce

The many solutions offered by Salesforce provide numerous benefits and advantages to users. Beside enabling businesses to centralize and automate most of their processes, it’s also highly customizable and easy to use.
The most important advantages of using Salesforce include:

Centralized Platform

Salesforce’s CRM platform is highly versatile and provides a complete solution that includes database and website maintenance and management and team support. That way you can centralize document storage, customer relations and employee communication without having to worry if it would be possible to integrate software tools and applications from different vendors.

Flexibility and Customization

Due to the flexibility and versatility of the platform, Salesforce can be used by a wide range of companies and businesses. A well implemented Salesforce integration along with different business models can provide reports and analytics reports tailored to the specific needs of the users. It also helps businesses measure and monitor campaign success, and customize outreach efforts on an as-needed basis.

Exceptional User Resources

In order to provide ease of use, Salesforce has created an outstanding array of resources. There are numerous blogs and articles, educational webinars, and videos that cover many topics. The goal is to help users quickly find the answers they need and be able to work through any situation or problem that arises.

The AppExchange

The Salesforce marketplace is a great way for businesses to create and share apps that can be easily integrated with Salesforce. Accessing, downloading, and installing apps from the marketplace is very easy, and it also provides users with even more resources, options, and expanded functionality.

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