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What is Python?

Python is a general purpose programming language, used by thousands of people to perform activities from testing microchips, to powering apps, and building video games. It’s small and simple, but is supported by numerous third-party libraries.

What is Python Used for?

Since it is a general purpose programing language and also works on cross-platform operating systems, it can be used to develop a wide range of applications. Applications intended for image processing, text processing, web and enterprise level apps that use scientific, numeric and data from networks can all be developed using this language. Some globally used applications such as BitTorrent, YouTube, DropBox, Deluge, Cinema 4D and Bazaar are based on Python.
Python’s versatile platform and library support make it suitable for developing:

Web Frameworks and Web Applications

Python programming can be used for the development of web apps and frameworks which provide libraries and modules that simplify tasks related to content management, interaction with databases and interfacing with different internet protocols. For example, Google App engine is a web application based on Python.

Enterprise and Business Applications

Pythons features including special libraries, extendability and scalability, which make it suitable for customizing larger applications and adding extra functionalities and support.

GUI-Based Desktop Applications

The simple syntax, modular architecture, rich text processing tools and ability to work in multiple operating systems make it a great choice for developing desktop-based applications. The use of various GUI toolkits like wxPython, PyQT or PyGtk helps developers create highly functional Graphic User Interface(GUI) applications including:

  • Image Processing and Graphic Design applications
  • Scientific and Computational Applications
  • Games

Advantages of Using Python

Python is a cross-platform programming language with diverse application which is a result of the combination of features it possesses.
Some of the benefits that Python programming offers are:

Speed and Productivity

Python is easy to type and has enhanced capabilities, which enable fast development and testing cycles when working on complex multi-protocol applications.


One very important feature of Python is its ability to run on multiple platforms and operating systems, meaning you can use the same code for all of them. It is also a “glue-language,” used to bound code written in different languages.

Support and Security

Its open-source nature makes it free to use and distribute for commercial purposes. The large Python community has also contributed to the existence of many standard libraries, tools, platforms and operating system interfaces, which provide development and maintenance support and security of all open-source projects.

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