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What is dot Net?

The dot NET framework is one of the most widely used software development environments, providing dot net programmers a platform for developing applications using various languages. It is developed by Microsoft and it can be used to support the development, running and maintenance of modern-day apps and XML web services.

What is dot Net Used for?

The dot net framework offers an object-oriented programming environment and it can be used to create apps that run on multiple platforms – desktop, mobile, and web apps that run on Windows based devices, PCs, and servers. It can be used for designing, development, compiling, building and deployment of an application thanks to its broad range of support programs, code libraries, compilers, and APIs. These components assist in the development of a customized solution.
The feature-rich platform can be used for creating a wide variety of next generation apps, including:

Business Apps and Enterprise Solutions

.Net is a platform that is regularly and extensively used in the creation of software which streamlines business processes, such as supply chain management, CRM, sales, or finance.

App Redesign and Scaling

When your business grows, so should your software. .Net enables redesign of current application in order to make it line up with the growing needs of your organization.

Interoperable and Cross-platform Apps

Most developers consider .Net as a modular and swift platform that can be used for creation of web, mobile, desktop, and server apps that work in sync across platforms.


Due to its extreme versatility, .Net is also suitable for developing gaming applications.


Beside business process streamlining, .Net is also suitable for development of email and chat applications which can be used to support communication between employees.

Multi-Tiered Software Architecture

.Net uses multi-tiered software architecture which helps developers build flexible applications. This way, they can physically separate functions for presentation, app processing, and data management; therefore, add or edit the layer without having to rework the entire app.

Advantages of dot Net Programming

The numerous advantages make dot Net the first choice of many developers. And here some of the reasons why:

Easy deployment and easy maintenance

The .Net framework uses a new approach to deployment. Depending on the version you are using, you can use either ClickOnce or No-Touch deployment. And maintenance is easy because the source code and HTML are both together. Additionally, the source code executes on the server, making the pages more powerful and flexible.

Language interoperability

Dot Net is a language-neutral framework, which means you can reuse the code multiple times and improve efficiency. The built-in set of features and rules – Common Language Runtime and Common Type System – ensure multi-language code interoperability.

Consistent programming model and Managed Code

Everything in dot Net is an object, which makes the programming easier, as well as accessing and controlling the apps. The framework also eliminates the unnecessary code, offers integrated security, type-safe code and automatic track of resource usage.

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