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Write cross-platform web and mobile apps, enterprise software and embedded systems, or develop desktop GUI apps, or web and application servers


Add visual effect and interactivity to apps, build responsive website, web and cross-platform mobile apps and games, or server applications


Use DevOps to improve the collaboration between development and IT operations to create a faster work flow and increase deployment frequency


Create web frameworks and web apps, enterprise and business solutions, or scientific and computational apps, games and graphic design apps


Build the backend of your web pages and web-based applications, CMS and ecommerce apps, or image processing and GUI-based apps


Build customized, cross-platform business apps, games or communication software, or simply scale your existing enterprise solutions


Develop fast and portable networking and cloud-native applications, or replace existing infrastructure with clean code for easier maintenance


Create new database software and enterprise solutions that constantly grow, reliable web applications or GUI-based applications and games


Use the powerful Salesforce platform to streamline and centralize your business process, improve workflow, manage customer relationships and more

Big Data & Data Science

Store, process and analyze large quantities of structured and unstructured data to get answers about your company, customers, cut costs and save ...

Cloud Platforms

Optimally utilize resources for software development and testing, and make the processes easier, faster, more flexible by using cloud platforms

QA Automation

Automate the testing process to save resources and improve speed, especially when dealing with repetitive tasks and a large volume of data

Manual QA

Run tests by using your software like the end-user would, to make sure it offers a seamless user experience and runs smoothly on all devices

Android App Programming

Become a part of the biggest mobile app market and get your products and services closer to the users by developing an easy-to-use Android app

iOS App Programming

Use the strict quality standards of iOS to offer your users an amazing experience and position your business second most competitive app market

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