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Symphony Solutions Welcomes John Treadway as CEO

Symphony Solutions has ended its search for a new CEO. Many may not have known that a search was in progress, but Founder Theo Schnitfink had been looking for a successor for quite a while. His scrutiny and demands for the role extended the search for well over a year. But according to him, it was worth the wait. He found John Treadway.

Several things come to mind about Schnitfink’s selection:

1. He chose someone he knew and trusted,

2. He chose someone with a perfect background for a cloud transformation company like Symphony Solutions, and

3. He chose an American.

Meet John Treadway

John Treadway had been a Symphony Solutions client at Cloud Technology Partners (CTP) since 2014, where he and Theo Schnitfink developed a connection of respect and downright fondness for each other.

Schnitfink says:

“Since I had worked several years with John as a client, I knew he not only had the right profile but, more importantly, I was convinced that he would blend in very well with our specific culture.”

John spent nearly 7 years at CTP, later bought by Hewlett Packard (HPE), where he was Senior Vice President of Strategy and Portfolio. As a client-facing cloud strategist and a member of the executive leadership at CTP, John has firsthand visibility into the challenges, successes, and failures of cloud programs at dozens of large enterprises across most industry verticals.

One thing for sure, John Treadway is as certain about embracing his new role as Theo Schnitfink is about passing his baton.

But though he passes the CEO baton, he retains Chairmanship of the company he founded over 10 years ago and grew into 600 people.

Treadway says:

“I am so excited to work with such a great team and a great company.  I was a sponsor of the relationship between Symphony and CTP and have seen first-hand the great work and collaboration that we experienced together.”

Meet John Treadway Again

John Treadway is more than his professional background. He is a family man with 2  children, he lives outside Boston in a near-by town called Newton, which was settled in 1630 and has a diverse, engaged and interesting population today.

He is active in his community and a committed Alpine skier, who can be found most winter weekends somewhere on the ski slopes of Maine.

He will be traveling frequently among Symphony Solutions’ four European delivery centers but will work out of the company’s first U.S. office location in Boston, where he will drive the expansion of Symphony’s business in North America.

Everyone extends a hearty welcome to John and supports his aggressive plans to take Symphony Solutions to the next level of growth.