UNBROKEN Soldier Receives Bionic Hand Prosthesis Sponsored by Symphony Solutions


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33-year-old paratrooper Mykhailo Yurchuk was gravely injured and lost his hand and leg while defending Izium in the Kharkiv region earlier this spring. What seemed to be the end at the time, turned into a new fight to get back the quality of life that the young man was robbed of the moment Russia unwound its brutal attack on Ukraine. Now, Mykhailo is the first to receive a bionic hand prosthesis at the UNBROKEN National Rehabilitation Center in Lviv, Ukraine.

“I remember the darkness… then I saw that my hand was missing and thought that I need to check if my legs are still okay. I wanted to end it right there, asked my sworn brothers to step back but they wouldn’t let me give up just yet,”

Mykhailo recounts the day when a squad of tanks attacked the positions where his division was stationed.

Symphony Solutions donated the unique hand prostheses developed by an American-Ukrainian company Esper Bionics. The innovative technology utilizes sensors which allow the patient to move the bionic hand and perform fine-motor tasks. Powered by AI, it’s a self-learning smart device that replicates the full functionality of a real human hand, becoming an extension of the lost limb. Unlike regular prostheses, which only serve a cosmetic purpose or provide the bare minimum of function, bionic hands are the next level of prosthesis technology worldwide. What makes it truly unique, this kind of treatment and rehabilitation in full scope is now available for patients in Ukraine.

“I am so thrilled about this first implementation of the bionic hands that we sponsor. Knowing the patients and the local hospital that was responsible for this is so much more personal and therefore more satisfying than donating to large organizations where you never know how your money is used. Now we have an opportunity to build relationships with the hospital and the patients. Besides that, these large organizations spend way too much on their own organization. This way 100% of your money is used for the patients.”

Theo Schnitfink, Founder and CEO of Symphony Solutions 

This is a success story of one of Symphony Solutions’ charity initiatives, the first of many to come. We are proud and honored to be among the very first IT companies in Ukraine to have supported the UNBROKEN Rehabilitation Center. We have already donated 100,000 euros and aim for a total of 500,000. Join us in this noble mission and support the charity initiative alongside other IT professionals. 

About UNBROKEN National Rehabilitation Center, Ukraine

UNBROKEN National Rehabilitation Center was created within the First Territorial Medical Association in Lviv. Its multidisciplinary team of professional physicians provides medical care, reconstructive surgeries, prosthesis care and manufacturing, psychological and social rehabilitation for patients. 

It is our duty to help heal the wounds, stand back up proudly, and wear our scars with dignity! 

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