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Symphony Solutions is among the first businesses to have supported the healthcare initiative to provide medical care and rehabilitation services to civilians and military personnel wounded in the war in Ukraine. Symphony Solutions has been supporting Ukraine in the fight for freedom and peace since the start of the unprecedented attack from Russia on February 24th, 2022. As the war affects both civilians and the military personnel dragged into the senseless conflict, the threat of casualties is very real and affects Ukrainians every single day. With this in mind, we are supporting important healthcare initiatives that are aimed at helping the people injured in the war, whether it’s through medical assistance, rehabilitation, or psychological help.

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Support for National Rehabilitation Center Unbroken of Ukraine in Lviv

National Rehabilitation Center Unbroken will provide medical assistance to Ukrainians wounded in the war, having the capacity to treat 50,000 patients annually. The first in Ukraine, the center will provide reconstructive surgery, prosthesis care, psychological, and social rehabilitation to help Ukrainians fully reintegrate into the community and lead a fulfilling life. The rehabilitation center will be built in Lviv with the support of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. We have already donated 100,000 euros to the rehabilitation center that will be used for purchasing equipment for diagnostic and rehabilitation purposes. And we will be investing all the profits generated in the coming year into this initiative.

Bionic Hands donated to the hospital

As a continuation of support of the Unbroken Rehabilitation Center, Symphony Solutions has purchased two bionic hands which have already been successfully delivered to the hospital and are waiting for their chance to transform the lives of people who have lost their limbs in the war. Created by Esper Bionics, a young American company with Ukrainian origin, the innovative prosthetics are lightweight and self-learning. With the bionic hand, the person is able to regain the quality of life and perform all daily activities and more – playing sports, drawing, using utensils and tools, etc.

We bought the two remaining available prosthetic arms. They look super realistic, it’s the latest tech. They will be used to help people who have lost an arm in the war. What’s more, we will be able to visit this hospital and meet the doctors and people whom we have sponsored. It’s important because it becomes personal. Psychological help and support are just as important for the people affected by the war and that is a part of what we are doing. In our collective effort, we are able to support the Ukrainian economy and help wounded people to improve their quality of life after what they had to go through. That’s why I’m happy that we are a part of this initiative.

Theo Schnitfink, Founder and CEO of Symphony Solutions

All the healthcare initiatives are supported by the Stand by Ukraine charity foundation, that has been created by Symphony Solutions in the early days of the war against Russia as our way to help Ukrainians in this time of urgency. Visit the website to learn more about Stand by Ukraine and make your contribution.

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