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Symphony Solutions opens Krakow office and supports Agile events

On November 13th, 2017 Symphony Solutions has opened a new office in Krakow.

Agile Events Krakow Poland

Being the company that not only declares but lives by Agile principles, it was essential for us to give the new office a meaningful start. That’s why we are supporting events by Agile Space which will take place on November 17th-18th in Krakow.

Agile Dojo

We invite you to spend an evening with other Agile followers at Agile Dojo in Krakow on November 17th. The Lean Coffee format of the evening, work in small groups, and Agile Topic Cards will help to create a friendly supporting atmosphere, encourage participants to share their experience and learn from each other. At the end of the evening, all participants are welcomed to stay for a party and enjoy informal networking, drinks, and snacks. More information about Agile Dojo.

Scrum Basics Class

If you are interested in Scrum framework and how your team can benefit from it, visit Scrum Basics Class in Krakow on November 18th. During the intense training, you will learn how to plan, execute, and review sprints and get the most out of Scrum. The agenda is full of practical examples, gamification, and reality-simulating activities. You can have a look at the entire agenda here.

Both events will be trained by Kseniya Kobryn, the founder of Agile Space platform, the Agile coach at Symphony Solutions, a Certified Scrum Professional and a SAFe Program Consultant. Kseniya is a well-known Agile coach in Ukraine and experienced trainer who has coached dozens of Agile and Scrum-oriented events.

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