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Symphony Solutions Poland is Moving to the New Office

We are happy to announce that Symphony Solutions Poland LLC is moving to a new office in Rzeszow! Officially this will happen on December 1, 2016.

new office in Rzeszow

Polish office of Symphony Solutions was opened in May 2015. Since that time the company has grown and needs more space as it is planned to expand even more. The new office is located right by the Wislok River and it’s only a 30-minute walk from the City Center. Moreover, it has a nice transport connection with the highway and Rzeszow Airport.

It is expected that new office will adopt the design of Old Amsterdam Café and integrate Symphony Solutions unique corporate culture and values.

Lukasz Delikat, Employee Relationship Coordinator of Symphony Solutions Poland LLC states that:

“The culture and values of Symphony Solutions in Rzeszow are exactly the same. Employer branding that we have started is an on-going task. We will definitely be seen as the new interesting and attractive IT player in town!”.

The new official address of Symphony Solutions Poland LLC is Siemienskiego 20, 35-234, Rzeszow, Poland.

So, one more beautifully designed Dutch office is on its way! Hold your breath and wait for more exciting news from Symphony Solutions!

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