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Symphony Solutions at LvivMozArt Festival 2018

“This is not only an opportunity to present Ukrainian culture to the outside world, it is also an instrument to consolidate and celebrate the unity of our nation.”

With these words, Oksana Lyniv opened the second LvivMozArt festival, which is slowly becoming a tradition.

Symphony Solutions as a sponsor, conducted an exclusive evening with Oksana Lyniv, called SHE. Conducts. During the evening, Oksana shared her story and explained how she got into classical music.

Shortly after SHE. we were fortunate to receive a number of tickets for the festival. Our colleagues were thrilled by the show and we all had fun. Classical music is very close to us. We work like an orchestra, as everything we do, is done in sync with the rest of the team members.

The programme was created for different locations. From Lviv Opera theater to the old tram depot, each show was remarkable, and there’s one thing that remained consistent, and it’s a performance of the organizer of this festival, famous conductor Oksana Lyniv.

Oksana wants to create an environment, where innovative ways of playing classical pieces are king. Also, she is one of the few people aiming to change the fact that out of 150 conductors, 5 are women and that’s 3.33%. We share her views and agree that this is a good way to show other women that females can be just as good at things, if not better. Hundreds of talented women around the world are overshadowed by their male counterpart and we think this should be changed.

All in all, we loved every bit of the event. Symphony Solutions shares the same vision and we think that such events can influence other women to take initiative. We wish Oksana all the best hoping that we’ll meet again next year.

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