Symphony Solutions’ Largest Client Upgrades to Angular 6

Symphony Solutions’ Largest Client Upgrades to Angular 6


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migration to Angular 6

Is Angular 6 still a ‘hot new framework’ and a “hot topic” among software engineers?  Well, that would depend on one’s interest in the framework.  Symphony Solutions says “yes,” especially since over one quarter of their engineers are currently engaged in the migration to Angular 6.

What is Angular

AngularJS, 2 and beyond, is a typescript-based open-source front-end web application platform led by the Angular Team at Google. It combines declarative templates, dependency injection, end-to-end tooling, and integrated best practices to solve development challenges.  It works smoothly with real-time data, especially relevant for enterprises involved in betting and gambling and the customers who eagerly use their most popular applications.  Ladbrokes Coral is one such enterprise.

Who is Ladbrokes Coral

As one of the UK’s largest bookmakers, Coral is a household name with a visible presence on every high street in the country. Having a digital platform that can perform to high expectations is essential.

As of March 2018, the Ladbrokes Coral Group was acquired by GVC Holdings, making the brand a key part of the world’s largest online betting and gaming company. As part of an FTSE 100 global organization, the ability for the Coral platform to go up against its competitors in the UK ‘s highly regulated market is more important than ever.

Why Upgrade to Angular 6

The decision to upgrade to Angular 6 arose to accommodate Coral’s frequent introductions of new features and applications and resulting need for speed and scalability during periods of high load.  Angular 6 also means that upgrades can continue, because the framework can easily adopt new techniques.

Why Interesting to Engineers

Engineers who are motivated by high stakes and speed might love the dynamic betting and gambling industry, especially at Symphony Solutions.

From Oleh Vykhopen, Lead Engineer of Coral Team:

At Symphony, Coral team engineers have opportunities to contribute to architecture, stability, and security decisions.  This is different from other companies, where architecture for example, might be imposed.”

He continued,

“Coral’s business is dynamic, and the continued practice of introducing new apps and features to its platform requires an environment which is faster and easier to use.  The start of the Angular 6 migration process was the right move.”

Is Symphony Solutions the Right Move for You

Symphony Solutions invites developers who want to work on this popular new framework to contact the company.  Smart, committed engineers do well at Symphony, especially those who value the open, welcoming culture which encourages individualism and freedom of expression.  Because you are discriminating, you recognize the value of a company who hires only the top 20 % of the engineering community.

Upgrade to Symphony Solutions and upgrade to Angular 6.

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