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Symphony Solutions is a Friend of Lviv MozArt Festival

Friend Of Lviv MozArt Festival

We are happy to announce that Symphony Solutions became a friend of the international festival of classical music Lviv MozArt Festival and supports its first steps which are usually the most challenging.

The founder and main inspirer of the festival is Oksana Lyniv, Ukrainian conductor and the first woman who became the Chief Conductor of Opera and Philharmonic Orchestra in the Austrian city of Graz.

It is the launching year for the event, and organizers plan to hold it in Lviv annually. The festival gathers Ukrainian and world top musicians to showcase the beauty and power of classical music.

The location of Lviv was chosen on purpose, as it is linked to Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart by his son – Franz Xaver Mozart. Just as his genius father, Franz Xaver was famous as a conductor, composer, and pianist. During his stay in Lviv from 1808 to 1838, he worked hard on creating a favorable environment for music in the city. Among his other achievements is the founding of the St Cecilia choir society, known as the first music union in Lviv.

Friend Of Lviv MozArt Festival

Just like Franz Xaver Mozart contributed his time and efforts to the development of classical music in Lviv, the organizers of Lviv MozArt Festival are willing to breathe new concepts, formats, and traditions into it.

Symphony Solutions couldn’t stay away as we believe that socially responsible business makes the difference and can change this world for better.

Classical music is very daring for the company, as our approach to work has much in common with the symphony musical orchestra. Just like an orchestra sounds complete when putting all the passion into the performance, we make a difference with the passion we put into our work every day.

We are preparing something special for true music lovers. Follow our news on Facebook to know more.

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