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Symphony Solutions at PyСon PL 2018

Symphony Solutions, as a Gold sponsor of PyСon PL, participated in the conference that took place on August 23-26 in Ossa, Poland. This is the biggest Python conference in the country, gathering 500 participants annually. This year’s event hosted over 45 talks by well-known speakers and conducted more than 10 different workshops.

Objective and Mission

The event aimed to introduce newcomers to the world of Python, raise attendees’ qualifications, and increase programming skills. During the event, industry experts talked about popular coding techniques, benefits of their implementation, and ways to apply them in daily practices.

The primary area of focus

The conference covered popular frameworks, web applications, and ways to use Python in research. All cases were explored from both management and development perspectives. The participants were able to apply accumulated knowledge to practice and win valuable prizes. PyСon PL is a great opportunity to upgrade one’s skills as a programmer and meet fellow Python developers.

Symphony Solutions Booth

During the event, the participants had a chance to play a video game about the Symphony mascot, Mr. Cannabis, a project internally developed by Symphony Studios. The players were to find hidden items in an adventure quest: the faster the items were collected, the higher the score. The main prize for gathering all pieces was the Oculus Go.

Piotr Gnus at the main stage

Piotr Gnus, Symphony Solutions representative at the event, delivered a detailed presentation that explored Python from all sorts of aspects. He gave practical advice and answered numerous questions from the audience. His presentation was greatly appreciated.

The PyCon challenges

The PyCon challenges started immediately after the presentation. The challenge was to solve an intricate puzzle. In just 18 minutes, the participants formed 79 teams with two people in each. The teams were solving the puzzle line by line for two nights in a row. On Sunday morning, three winners were announced.


Upon the announcement of winners, the participants were invited to an outdoor party with barbeсue and beer or karaoke inside the conference hall. Everyone met new people, learned about the Python language, and had a good time in general.

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