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Symphony Solutions at Grand Opening of Lviv Brain Academy

March 30th, Lviv Polytechnic National University hosted Grand Opening of Lviv Brain Academy.

opening of Lviv Brain Academy


Since IT industry is growing with crazy speed nowadays, it is becoming more and more important to provide the country with a big amount of specialized educational institutions. Brain Academy is the first IT academy in Ukraine which has a complex training system of specialists that meets international standards and requirements.

Branches of Brain Academy already function in Kyiv, Kharkiv, Zaporizhzhya, Ternopil, Lutsk and Odessa. From now on, Lviv inhabitants also have a possibility to try themselves, learn and improve in the field of IT. More than 300 people interested in gaining IT education were present at the event.

Symphony Solutions as a successful IT Outsourcing company participated in Brain Academy opening as well. Zoryana Borbulevych, our training coordinator talked about why constant learning is important and how it finds implementation on practice.

opening of Lviv Brain Academy


Being systematic, continuous learning is believed to be an effective formula of education. After obtaining Higher Education it is important to “catch the wave” and continue with professional development. Specialized courses like the ones provided by Brain Academy are a perfect solution, since students have a possibility to choose the direction of the area they are interested in and can totally focus on it. Afterwards, young specialists come to companies and apply their skills and knowledge on practice. On this stage of educational system companies’ academies like ours provides them with all necessary conditions for further learning.

In fact, it would be interesting to know that about ¼ of Symphonians are fresh graduates or students and, consequently, Symphony Solutions is their first place of work. Constant learning is also one of the values of our company which Symphony Academy arranges and supports in all ways possible. As a result, every Symphonian has the right to use 40 billable working hours for training and development.

Brain Academy


For those visitors of the event who were interested in chances of joining a great team of our employees, Zoryana also spoke about career opportunities at Symphony Solutions and its requirements.

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