Symphony Persona Live: Eduardo Remedios 


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Are you curious about the digital nomad lifestyle? Do you dream of living on a beautiful island while working remotely? Tune in to Symphony Persona Live.  

This time we’re chatting with our exceptional guest Eduardo Remedios, VP of iGaming at Symphony Solutions, about What it is like to be a digital nomad. Here’s a sneak peek into Eduardo’s world:  

  • Digital nomad  
  • iGaming expert  
  • Made in Hong Kong  
  • Cycling and swimming addict  
  • A photographer capturing the beauty of his travels  
  • Vegan food lover  
  • I wrote a book and lost it  
  • He lives on the island of Gran Canaria with his lovely Dutch wife and a permanently hungry Labrador   

Join us on YouTube for a warm and engaging conversation with Eduardo:  

Or listen to it in Podcast mode on our Spotify account: 

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