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Symphony Design Studio Social Workshop

Two weeks ago the team of our Design Studio had a social workshop in the Carpathian mountains (yes, we are passionate to work even there!). Four groups tried to find a solution for homeless animals and finally, it’s time to let the world know the names of winners!

Symphony Solutions Design Team

“Feel it for yourself” is the project that involves special stands located in the city where people can watch a social video. The idea of the video is to show what happens when due to some circumstances you decide not to keep your pet anymore.

In the first part of the video we have an example of bad pet owners who leave their cat or dog on the street where it needs to survive. The second part gives us a chance to find alternatives and tells about the organizations that may take a good care of your pet and help to find it another home.

Design Studio attending Social workshop

The special thing about the project is a possibility to watch the videos in 360 virtual reality mode and get at least a little chance to feel and understand the pain of being abandoned and left lonely on the streets where the sun doesn’t shine every day.

Design studio activities

“Feel it for yourself” has been created as an example. The project aims to change people’s attitude towards their pets and, as a result, to decrease the number of homeless animals by looking at the problem from a different angle.

Ihor Kornatovskyi and Andriy Pestov did their best and deserved to be called the champions 🙂

Workshop winners

Let’s make this world better with Symphony Solutions!

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