Symphonians Participate at Marathon Races in Skopje and Lviv

Symphonians Participate at Marathon Races in Skopje and Lviv


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Distance running is a sport that tests athletes stamina and endurance. But it also builds character, making the runners mentally stronger, more focused, determined to overcome physical boundaries and run the distance.

Since Symphony Solutions is a green company that actively supports a healthy and active lifestyle, this year we decided to take part in few marathons – The Skopje Wizz Air Marathon, and Lviv Half Marathon.

In Skopje, we had 25 marathon participants representing our company, the majority of which – 22 Symphonians – participated in the 5km race, and 3 were brave enough to run the half-marathon race. We were very happy to see that other Symphonians, and many family members and friends came to support ours and other runners.

In Lviv, we will have 17 runners representing Symphony in the half-marathon and 5km races. And we hope to see many other Symphonias present on the track, cheering and supporting the runners.  

We are very happy to see that more and more people are embracing the fit and healthy lifestyle and be a part of these wonderful events. We hope that next year the number of Symphonians who run the races will increase, and our participation in the marathons will become a tradition.  

Thank you for running and supporting our Symphonians and all other participants. See you again next year. Until then, stay light on your feet and have good runs!

Wizz Air Marathon

Each year, hundreds of amateur and professional runners, from Macedonia and around the world, train hard and prepare for the race that keeps growing in popularity – Skopje Wizz Air Marathon. Since its beginnings in 1997, the marathon attracted local and international runners, and thousands of spectators and supporters to come out and ‘take over’ the city with their positive energy and enthusiasm.

Since the marathon is open for all who want to run, regardless of their fitness level, there are four different races participants can sign up for: individual races: marathon, 42 km; half-marathon, 21km; and a 5km race; or relay marathon, where 42km – 4 runners complete 10,5 km each.


The motivation for organizing this event is to put Skopje on the World map of sports activities, raise awareness of the need for physical activity and healthy lifestyle among all age groups, and inspire people to take better care of their mind, body, and soul.

This year, the marathon had a record number of 10, 000 participants who crossed the finish line and at least twice as many spectators who were offering their unselfish love and support and were tirelessly cheering and encouraging everyone who was running.

Lviv Half Marathon

The Molokiya Lviv Half Marathon is a newer event and this will be the third time it is held in the city. It is an international race that slowly starts to grow in popularity. This year it is expected the event to become one of the biggest half-marathons of the country, with around 3,000 runners, both amateurs, and professionals, from Ukraine and other countries, participating in the different races.

The marathon is open for all, regardless of their training background and fitness level. That is why the marathon offers different types of races: individual races of  21 km, 5 km and 2 km, and a relay race 3х5+1х6 Under Armour Relay. Additionally, this year the 10 km course will be replaced with a relay race 1х10+1х11 HeForShe Lviv Half Marathon Relay. Also, the marathon will have a 2 km charity race, aimed at raising funds for purchasing rehabilitation equipment for Yurii Lypa Lviv Regional Hospital for War Veterans and Repressed.

3rd Molokiya Lviv Half Marathon is slowly turning into a tradition for the city and its residents. Aside from the numerous participants, the organizers expect to see over 8,000 people in the audience not only from Ukraine but also from abroad to offer support and motivate and cheer the runners.

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