Symphonian Starter Pack: What you’re gonna get?

Symphonian Starter Pack: What you’re gonna get?


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So, you’re now a Symphonian. Hello and welcome aboard!

When you become a part of Symphony Solutions, we want you to feel that you belong from the beginning. That’s why it’s important for us to make sure that, from the very first day, you have everything you might possibly need to feel right in place and jump straight into your new role.

When you join, while you are getting ready for the first day of work, keep an eye on that doorbell because you’re about to get a delivery.

“Wow, that sounds exciting! So, what’s it gonna be?”

Symphonians will get their new laptop and all the extra goods delivered to their doorstep right before the first day of work.

Much like a care package, we put a lot of care and thought into preparing a special delivery for the new Symphonian. Mr Cannabis himself is helping pack the big box of goodies.

The laptop comes with the necessary software pre-installed, secure and all set for work. There’s no need to take time out of your busy day and ponder about what antivirus is better to install, or if you need to get a license for a piece of software that you need for work. Our team of IT specialists has got it all covered!

“Wait, don’t all companies give you a laptop for work?”

Well, it’s true but not quite the same. We not only give it to you for work, we give you the laptop.

“So you’re saying that…”

Yes, it’s now yours to keep. And that’s just the start of it.

Your first day at Symphony Solutions is the first day of the NEO program, our onboarding program, when you get familiar with your workstation and set it all up. That’s when you also receive your Symphonian Starter Pack with accessories to go along with your new laptop and a few small gifts, so that you have everything to make yourself comfortable.

Van Gogh would feel out of place without his easel and paintbrushes. Andriessen couldn’t have composed his etudes if he didn’t have his piano. These were their tools for creating something exceptional and long-lasting.

Symphonian’s workstation is their instrument for creating unique value for the company and the clients. You want to have all the right tools to help you accomplish your work and start showing results right off the bat.

These and many more benefits come as the standard deal of Symphony Loyalty Program. Find out all about it and continue reading here.

Have we captured your interest yet? Then check out our latest vacancies to become a part of Symphony Solutions!

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