SHE. Talks. Women in the Future of Work: Embracing AI for Growth and Adaptation 

SHE. community invites you to dive into the latest tech trends and discuss how Artificial Intelligence is changing the way we live and work. Join us on June 22, 6 PM CET, online for Women in the Future of Work: Embracing AI for Growth and Adaptation

AI is already here, and it changes the way we apply for jobs, accomplish our daily tasks, advance our careers, and so much more. We have invited a panel of experts to discuss real cases of implementing AI in everyday work and talk about the perspectives and how the new technology is about to change our work environment. 

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yulia nosal

Yulia Nosal, Chief People Officer at Symphony Solutions (Ukraine)  

oleg cekan

Oleg Chekan, Technical Director at Symphony Solutions (Poland) 

tetiana soroka

Tetiana Soroka, Director of virtual communities at Symphony Solutions (Ukraine) 

SHE. Talks Moderator: Raymond Akinfolarin, Symphony Academy Head at Symphony Solutions. 


  1. How is AI currently transforming the workplace, and what potential further advancements are coming in the future?
  2. How has AI been specifically applied within Symphony Solutions to drive growth, efficiency, or innovation, and what measurable impact has it had on the organization? 
  3. What are the main opportunities and challenges of integrating AI technologies into various industries and job roles? 
  4. What skills and competencies do you believe will be most valuable for professionals to thrive in an AI-driven work environment? 
  5. What steps can organizations take to upskill and reskill their workforce to embrace AI technologies and adapt to the changing demands of the future of work? 

All this and more! Join us in an exhilarating discussion about the future of work with AI closely integrated into every aspect of business. 



  • Business leaders and entrepreneurs seeking insights into real cases of AI implementation and its impact on diversity and inclusion.
  • Women professionals in tech and STEM fields, providing them with knowledge about AI trends and skills required for an AI-driven work environment.
  • HR and people managers, learning about competencies needed for employees to adapt to AI technologies.
  • Professionals interested in AI tools, discovering the latest applications and potential use cases.


June 22
18:00 – 19:00 CET


Online via Zoom
Language: English



Event Details


June 22, 18:00 PM (CET) 


Online, Zoom

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