SHE. Talks. Living with Purpose: Finding Your Passion and Making a Difference  

Join us for an empowering event that will explore the importance of living a life with purpose and how to find your passion as a woman. Our panel of experts will discuss ways to identify your values and passions, overcome common obstacles that may hold you back, and use your strengths to impact your community beyond positively. 
“SHE.” is a series of discussions, already successful in Ukraine, Poland, and Macedonia, celebrating the inspirational stories of women who have achieved real success and recognition in varied fields.  

The speakers for this event are women in IT, which is thought to be a man’s world unless one works at Symphony Solutions, a digital transformation company that places gender balance at the core of its success.  

If you seek inspiration and guidance to help you find your purpose and make a meaningful difference in the world, this SHE. online event is for you! 

Watch the event and dive into an inspiring and powerful atmosphere! 

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Meet our Speakers: 

  • Kseniya Kobryn, Chief Operating Officer at Symphony Solutions (Ukraine), founder of the Agile Space educational platform, and mother of three children. 
  • Ewelina Antonakos, Business Development Executive at Symphony Solutions (Poland), a creative soul, sunshine mixed with a little hurricane.  
  • Mona Juneja, Associate Director of Sales at Symphony Solutions (Netherlands), founder of Mona Frey Art and Toast To Thailand, professional watercolor artist, and a traveler.  
  • Olesia Prots, Delivery Center Director at Symphony Solutions Macedonia (Ukraine), mother of three children. 

SHE. Talks Moderator: Raymond Akinfolarin, Symphony Academy Head at Symphony Solutions 
Here’s what we’ll talk about: 

  1. What does it mean to live a life with purpose, and why is it important for women to find their passion?  
  2. How can women identify their passions and values and use these to guide their career and life choices?  
  3. What are some strategies for balancing the pursuit of personal passions with the demands of work and family life?   
  4. How can women develop a strong self-awareness and cultivate a deeper understanding of their strengths and weaknesses?  
  5. What role do mentors and role models play in helping women find their passions and pursue their dreams?  
  6. How can women use self-reflection and introspection to discover new passions and interests and stay motivated over the long term?  

Event Details


March 9, 18:00 AM (EET) 


Online, Zoom


Duration: 1 h 
Language: English