Visual Design

Make a positive first impression that supports your brand image, builds trust and increases market recognition

Make a visual impact on your customers!

Great visual design has the biggest potential to create an emotional connection with the user. When your brand has the proper visual presentation, you can use it to strengthen your image and reputation, build stronger trust, increase recognition on the market, and reinforce your brand identity among your users.

Visual Design Illustration

Brand Identity

Powerful Visuals for Increased Brand Recognition

Powerful brand identity begins with deep understanding of the company’s business and core values. It continues with crafting a meaningful logo, a strong brand message by choosing the right colors, typography, and other visual branding elements such as style guides and layouts that form the overall picture of the brand.

When working with our clients, firstly, we make sure to form a strong connection and gain a deeper understanding of their business, their target markets and audience. Then, we move on to creating buyer personas, and look for graphic design elements and brand messages that would best represent their business and be most appealing to potential buyers.

The end-result is a combination of visual elements that have emotional appeal and paint a clear picture in the customers’ minds about the brand.

2D or 3D video

Motion Graphics for Enriched User Experience

The use of videos, 2D, and 3D animations lets you bring intangible concepts to life and allows you to better explain and communicate your ideas to your customers. These mediums are useful for presenting you products, services and other brand messages, especially when you need to explain or clear out certain product characteristics, uses, and features.

Before diving into the creative pool of video and animation possibilities, we want to understand the purpose of the video – what is the message our client wants to share, what is the goal they try to achieve, who is the target audience and what’s their understanding on the subject. Then, we combine that information with our creative ideas into a draft, and sketch the plot of the video.

Depending on the video requirements, the audience needs, and the client’s business goals, we determine which techniques to use, such as hand drawn animation, shape animation, or 3D animation. Then, we turn the ideas and products into easy-to-understand, interactive graphics, painted with our client’s recognizable brand style and convey the message voiced in our client’s brand tone.