Product Design Audit Services

A product design audit process will help you improve its design and functionality according to latest market trends and end-user needs

There’s always room for design improvements!

Every successful product and its design have gone through several reviews, analysis, and refinement cycles to become great. Asking the right questions, and assessing the current state of the business lead to suggesting a solution that best fits the business needs of the company, conveys the right message and satisfies all customers’ needs.

Product Design Audit Services Illustration

Our design audit process consists of 3 major phases through which we work together with our clients and our development team. We perform a deep analysis, careful planning, and creative thinking so we can craft a design that provides great user experience, and helps our client reach their goals.

Design Analysis

We begin the design audit by first establishing a connection with our clients in order to understand their businesses, goals and needs. Then, we carefully gather information and data about their solution, the target audience and where possible, end-user satisfaction with the product – design, interface, user experience, usability, and more. Next, we use the collected data to assess the state of your product and identify any possible improvements.

Strategic Approach for Better Design Solutions

When the product analysis is complete, we approach our client and go over our findings together. We present them with an action plan for improving the visual and functional aspects of the product, so it will provide a better user experience, and get them closer to achieving their business goals. We explain the strategically planned alterations we would do in order to address critical issues, one by one, depending on the importance and urgency of each. And if the client gives us the green light, we move on to the next stage – implementation.

Implementation of Improvements and Refinements

At this last stage, we implement the necessary changes, and alterations to the product, regarding its design and functionality. We work closely with the development team to make sure our design improvements are feasible and ensure a smooth transition from the old to the new design architecture of the product, across all platforms.