Mobile App Development

Create a mobile app that helps your customers connect with your services and products straight from their Android, iOS or Windows devices

All mobile apps are not created equal!

The great ones are more than just code. They are the innovation that drives them and the individuals that work closely with the clients as a team.

Great mobile apps are business drivers and reflect your company’s core business values. They are in line with your business processes and are making it easier for end-customers to recognize and connect with your brand.

Having this in mind, Symphony Solutions provides comprehensive top-notch mobile app development services. From prototyping and idea validation, to design, marker launch and support. We do it all!

Mobile App Development Illustration

Prototyping and Development Focused on Amazing User Experience

Starting from the first stages of mobile app development process, including discovery and proof of concept, we offer support and guidance to our clients. We lead them through the design, prototyping, developing and testing stages of the app. We constantly consult with them to make the needed changes and improvements to the design or functionalities of the app.

The goal is to create and publish an app that’s developed according to the highest quality standards. It reflects our client’s brand image and values, looks and feels amazing, and provides a seamless experience to the end-users.

Solutions for All Mobile Platforms and Devices (iOS, Android, Windows and more!)

First, we want to help clients understand the benefits and endless possibilities of going mobile, and we are dedicated to helping them leverage the unlimited potential of mobile apps.

Whether they prefer a native iOS, Android or Windows app, or want to go cross-platform, we can build it. We develop custom-made apps for all devices – smartphones, tablets, wearables tailored to our client’s specific needs. Our team of experienced and highly-skilled developers is up to any challenge and is constantly pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in mobile.

We thrive where others fail.

With Concept Validation to Great Apps

Planning and developing the app is not enough on its own. Our goal is to deliver mobile apps that are fully-functional and highly efficient, fulfill client’s needs and expectations, and help generate brand awareness of the client’s services and products.

With the end-user in mind, we run a Proof of Concept prior to starting the custom mobile app development phase. The Minimum Viable Product (MVP) concept helps us test the product in a real-world environment, gather valuable feedback, determine the strengths and weaknesses of the app. It helps identify areas that need further improvement, whether the app displays our client’s core business values adequately, and satisfies the client’s and end-user’s needs and taste.

Domains of Experience and Expertise

One of our greatest strengths is versatility.

Finding the right approach to every branch and industry of the market is very important when working with clients from different industries who have very distinct needs and expectations. Luckily, we have a rich portfolio and vast experience that our clients can rely on when entrusting and outsourcing their mobile app development to us.

Right now, our solutions are used by numerous clients from several industries, including:

Field Service Management

We have experience developing mobile apps that assist in easy and efficient coordination of field operations of mobile workforce. With the help our apps, our clients can: schedule service orders, dispatch agents, optimize costs, track job status and vehicle locations, all at the reach of their fingertips.

Education and Training

There’s no better way of using your skills and knowledge than in service of education. We are very proud to work with leading education and training providers, developing apps that help corporations and individuals, learn new skills and master what they already know through education and training available on their mobile devices.


Shopping from your smartphone or tablet is nothing new these days. But what makes our ecommerce apps different are the exceptional UX and high levels of security we add, which in turn strengthens the trust and connection between our clients and their end-users.

Gaming and Gambling

We are happy to say that one of Europe’s leading gaming and gambling companies is our client. We love challenges, and developing and providing support for this type of app is an amazing experience. Even when there’s constantly high traffic, we manage to maintain the functionality of the app at the highest level, so all the players can enjoy their games without problems or interruptions.