Software Maintenance and Support Services

Make sure your software is up and running at all times, supported by the newest technology, compliant to security protocols

Software completion is just the beginning!

Having access to reliable technical support is crucial to the success of any software product because every software product requires continuous maintenance support to ensure it’s up and running at all times.

Among the benefits you get when you outsource software maintenance and IT support services are increased efficiency and competitiveness, because you can stay focused on your core business while the dedicated team of experienced and qualified professionals is managing your software. That way, you can be sure that your product is supported by the newest technology, and compliance and security are properly handled. This ensures smooth running of your software, with reduced risk, and lowered costs.

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Specialized and Product Specific IT Support for Optimal Business Value

When you need post-development services, you need solutions specifically tailored to your project’s needs. That why, when we accommodate our clients’ software, we make sure to leverage proprietary product engineering methodologies, such as platforming, global delivery model and service oriented architecture.

Based on the state of our clients’ software, and their requirements, we deliver either adaptive, perfective, corrective and/or preventive maintenance and IT support services to ensure maximum return on investment and improvements the clients’ business processes.

24/7 Software Maintenance for Minimal Downtime

In order to be fully functional and available to users at all times, your software needs the right infrastructure, as well as support and maintenance. We use methodologies that ensure timely software upgrades, remote IT support, and error handling to avoid any downtime or performance issue. We focus on consistent stability, long-term functionality, and rigorous preventive maintenance to avoid problems that may arise from short-term solutions.

We provide proper error tracking and debugging, technical troubleshooting, version upgrades and enhancements, performance monitoring, and deliver neatly documented development and maintenance reports to our clients, so they are aware of the state of their software at any time.

Our goal is to maximize software performance to ensure maximum user satisfaction and minimum downtime. At the same time, we ensure lower maintenance cost and increase return on investment.

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