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Get your website in front of the right audience by performing a full SEO optimization and increase number of visitors, leads, and customers

Rank Higher and Get Found in Organic Search Results!

Search Engine Optimization, plays a very important role in your overall search engine marketing. Having a completely SEO-optimized website, will increase your chances of ranking higher for your chosen keywords, and getting your business in front of the right people. Once you improve your ranking, you will get a better visibility and brand awareness, increase number of relevant website visits, start generating more qualified leads and boost ROI.

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Our SEO consultancy services or what we can do to get you on top of the search engine results:

SEO Audit & Website Review

Making an assessment of your current state of SEO is crucial before moving forward to creating an actionable SEO strategy. To do this, first, we analyze the current state of our clients’ websites’ on-site and off-site optimization, including all technical and non-technical aspects. Next, we identify problem areas, and lastly, we create a custom SEO-optimization plan that will address the issues. The result is fully optimized website and high search engine ranking.

Full SEO Keyword Research

Keywords play a crucial role in SEO. And just like each business is different, for each client we create a unique, carefully selected mix of short-tail and long-tail, high volume-low difficulty keywords and phrases as the basis for further content planning, creation and optimization. Our goal is to help our clients rank for the keywords that best suit their business and outrank their direct competitors, for the same or other, more relevant keywords.

SEO Copywriting and Content Optimization

SEO optimized content is not only keyword rich, but user-oriented, clear, precise and easy to read. The content on your website should be written in a consistent voice throughout the website and all other web and print media, and resemble the corporate culture. That is why we try to establish closer, more intimate relationship with our clients, understand their business better, and together, come up with the best way to tell their story to connect with their target audience.

On-site and Off-site SEO services

There are over 200 SEO ranking factors that influence how a website will be positioned in the search results. Most of these factors fall into one of these two categories. While on-site optimization is where most work can be done, there’s a lot work that can be done for off-site optimization too. That is why we advise our clients to first begin with SEO auditing, then move on to making the necessary technical and non-technical adjustments and improvements to their website.

Link Building

Another important SEO factor that can greatly influence ranking are links. The number and quality of links to and from your website plays a role in how search engines judge a site in terms of trust and authority. That is why we always aim to get backlinks from industry leaders, do guest posting on high traffic blogs, remove and replace any broken or expired links with functional ones, and create a positive link-network that will help clients improve their brand identity.

SEO Friendly Design & Development

Users judge websites based on design, ease-of-use and loading speed, and search engines optimize results according to user-preference. Website design greatly influences both the technical and non-technical aspects of SEO optimization of a website. That is why make sure our clients’ websites look and feel great, are easy to navigate, have useful content, provide a seamless experience across all devices and screen sizes, and are technically clean.


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