Paid Search Management Services

PPC ads are the most cost-efficient way to reach new audiences and existing customers who look for your specific products and services

Widen Your Reach and Improve your Results with a tailor-made PPC campaign!

Paid Search Marketing or digital advertising is one of the fastest growing and most cost-efficient forms of advertising. The multitude of pay-per-click ad-options allows brands to use text, images, videos or a combination of media. It helps them to reach new audiences and customers they never knew they had by adverting to existing or tackling new markets.

We use all PPC benefits to help our clients raise brand awareness, connect with their audiences based on the searches they perform or websites they visit, drive more website traffic and conversion, and improve sales results. All the while, they can track and analyze results and calculate return on investment.

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Google AdWords Management

Google is the biggest and most used search engine in the world. And it’s no wonder that Google AdWords is the biggest and most effective pay-per-click advertising platform. It helps businesses get in front of a wider targeted audience, increase website traffic, and boost the quality of leads.

Out team of certified Google AdWords specialists, builds and optimizes ad campaigns based on thorough keyword research and testing that can complement the client’s existing SEO strategy, competitors research, and the intimate knowledge of our clients’ businesses and their specific objectives. Next, we carefully analyze your targeted keywords and campaign goals to suggest the best bidding strategies and budget that will be most cost-effective for our clients’ campaigns. Lastly, we create interactive and content-rich format ads with ad copy that is catchy and engaging. It improves click-through rates and converts users into qualified leads and buyers.

Once the campaigns are live, we use our experience and expertise to find the best advertising opportunities and fix problems in the running campaigns. We track conversion and overall results in order to make the most of our clients’ PPC campaigns and improve their ROI.

Types of PPC services we provide:

Paid Search Advertising

Our AdWords management team creates paid search ads that contain the correct choice of keywords and have the best bidding strategies. They enable our clients to compete or even outperform large competitors. We use proven practices and strategies to decrease cost-per-click and increase click-through-rates. This results in increased website traffic and improves the quality of generated leads.

Display Advertising

Our team crafts well-designed display ads that drive traffic, build brand affinity, and bring in high-quality leads. We always create brand-specific ads for each of our clients, supported with consistent ad copy and landing pages’ content. Additionally, together with the clients we choose the exact target markets, people who visited similar websites before or hand-picked relevant industry websites where your ads will show. This way, we enable them to get in front of the target audiences that matter the most and insure they get the most out of their investment.

Google Shopping

We consider Google shopping ads be a key element of every ecommerce digital advertising efforts. They present a ‘window shop front line’ and give a sneak-peak of your product or service and its price to the searcher. When creating shopping ads for our clients, we make sure to select the keywords and phrases that best describe their product and services, choose high-resolution product or service images, pick the most competitive and cost-effective biding strategies, and create detailed product feeds and add custom field attributes.


We advise our clients to use remarketing ads to stay connected with their target audience throughout Google’s Display and Search Networks, even after they left their websites, to get additional brands exposure and become more recognizable among their target audience. We set up all the technical aspects of the campaign and develop and execute a specifically-tailored strategy that will ensure visitor retention and conversion.

Digital Advertising Audit and Optimization

The main goal of digital advertising is to help brands reach their target audiences and tap into the potential of new markets in a fast, easy, and a cost-effective manner. But, in order to make the most of your efforts, you have to carry out a PPC audit. When we perform an audit, we make sure to perform a thorough and structured review.

The goal is to determine whether the existing campaign can use improvements or whether they need a completely new set up, and analyze if the paid search marketing campaign is aligned with their business goals. We try to identify all weak spots and problem areas, and come up with an optimization plan that will guide their future effort and get the best results.


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