Email Marketing Services

Generate new leads and maintain a loyal customer base by sending the latest news and promotions straight to your audience's inbox

Deliver the perfect email message that sets things in motion!

Email marketing campaigns give brands the opportunity to stay connected with prospect and customers, generate leads and build stronger relationships. By sending relevant and informative messages straight to the subscribers’ inbox, email campaigns are an effective way of maintaining a loyal customer base and reinforcing the brand image by keeping customers interested.

We incorporate email marketing into our clients’ content marketing calendar, and overall digital marketing strategy to creates more touch-points with prospects, and speed up their decision-making process. Usually there are no set up costs, or they are very low, but compared to other digital marketing channels, email marketing has the highest return on investment.Deliver the perfect message that sets things in motion!


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Email Marketing Strategy and Implementation

It begins with laying down the foundation and creating a strategic plan, and structuring the approach depending on different audience segments and the stage of the buyers’ journey. To do this, first we try to understand our clients’ business – should it be b2c or b2b email marketing strategy, and what our clients are trying to achieve from the marketing campaign. The goal is to create and send newsletters that are tailored to fulfill our clients’ and their customers’ needs and to provide the necessary information and strong calls to action.

Email newsletter design

Newsletter template is an important part of each email marketing campaign because it helps reflect a brand’s image and identity, and is consistent with the rest of the marketing materials’ look. Marketing campaign templates help brands stay consistent throughout the whole campaign, are more stylish, and easy to edit and personalize. Our team understands the need for good template design as well as responsiveness, so we aim to design and write responsive emails that perform beautifully on all devices.

Email Copywriting

The copy of the emails should be carefully written so it provides value to the audience. Whether it’s a promotional or informational email, promotions should be clearly stated and offer a special value for the customer. Information should be clearly presented and the whole newsletter should be centered on answering the audiences’ questions and responding to their needs. We also know that great emails encourage readers to take an action which is why our email copy is always fun and engaging to read, leading the audience to click on the call-to-action buttons.

Tracking and Reporting

Learning how a campaign performs is crucial for establishing whether you are moving in the right direction and making any progress with your audience. That’s why we carefully track and measure campaigns’ open rates, click-through-rates, analyze who visited your site through the newsletter links, where they are located and whether they converted. A clear insight into the results of the email helps us and the customers to better understand the progress and whether the marketing efforts are getting them closer to their goals.

Campaign Optimization

Even the best campaigns and strategies can have flaws once you implement them. That’s why when we make campaign optimizations, we take into account our client’s business goals, and the results of their previous and current campaigns. Then, we carefully measure and analyze what is negatively effecting the open- and click-through-rates and conversions, and why. Next, we propose a creative approach to deal with these issues and get better results and more conversions.

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