Digital Marketing

Create a digital marketing strategy that connects your brand with your audience, and converts visitors into customers and brand advocates

Symphony Solutions specializes in internet marketing services aiming to drive brand visibility and engage customers. Focusing on your business goals, we research and analyze the digital environment, competitors and the current state of your online presence. If you are looking for a digital marketing company that provides customized, comprehensive and conversion-focused solutions for your business – contact us.

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A successful marketing strategy allows your customers to easily find your products and services online. Its purpose is to inform and entertain your audience and help you reach new customers. It lets you interact with them directly while raising brand awareness, converting visitors into customers and customers into brand advocates. It should always be a reflection of your business values, and an extension of your efforts to connect with and understand your customers better. But most importantly, it should help you stay ahead of the competition.

Since each business is unique, we create a carefully tailored plan that includes the digital channels which best suit each of our clients’ needs and help them reach their desired business and marketing goals.

How we do that.

Our Digital Marketing Services


Always on Top of Organic Search Results

Having a great website with amazing design and great content is not enough if prospects and customers can’t find it when they perform a web search. Our goal is to change this, and help our clients improve search engine rankings for the keywords most important to their business, maximize their brands’ visibility, increase website traffic and number of visitors. We define the current state of your business and its digital presence, define areas of improvement, develop solutions tailored for your exact need and work on their implementation

Content Marketing

Content that Tells a Story

There’s more to content marketing than just blogging. It’s the videos you film, the news releases you send out, the infographics you create, the product or service reviews you write, to name a few. Each content piece targets a specific audience segment, as unique as each of our clients’ stories. Our copywriters recognize the power and value of storytelling in content marketing, and use it to craft each piece of content in a manner that makes the reader feel connected with the brand and engage in action.

Social Media (SMM)

Presence at Social Platforms that Builds Strong Relationships

SMM marketing allows brands to communicate with their audience on a more personal level than any other form of digital marketing. We aim to create a social media strategy that will help our clients build trust and credibility with their prospects and clients, as well as social media fans and followers, by sharing engaging and informative content on the platforms that they use the most.


Paid Campaigns that Convert Searchers and Users into Buyers

Sometimes capturing the customers beyond your existing audience, and improving your visibility and results, requires investing in digital advertising and pay-per- click campaigns. We have a team of certified Google AdWords specialists who create highly targeted campaigns that use the best keywords for each of our clients’ products and services, and write ads that convert online users into happy customers.

Email Marketing

The Right Message Straight to Your Customers’ Inbox

Whether they are only prospects, or returning customers, when people sign up for your newsletter, they expect to receive useful, and often exclusive information straight to their personal mailbox. Our experienced team helps our clients exceed their subscribers’ expectations by writing and designing email campaigns and newsletters that are engaging and informative, and more importantly, delivered to their customers’ inboxes at the perfect time.

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