Agile Assessment

Take the 1st Step Toward Your Agile Future


Assessment is the first step in any professional consultation. This is an on-site evaluation with top management on down to teams doing the daily work.  The Consultant is introduced to the client’s business, their objectives, key drivers, performance gaps, and impediments to success. Assessment also includes setting expectations, especially important for clients who may not understand the full commitment required for agile transformation.


Time expenditure for assessment depends on the scope of the project, including the size of the organization, the depth of commitment, and other business variables.  It could be from 1 day to 3 weeks or even more.

During Assessment, the Consultant gets a feel for the extent to which Management supports and wants agile as well as their resistance to it. Resistance inevitably comes with leaving one’s comfort zone, especially because organizational change is not easy. But without Management’s ambition to change and a quest for business agility, further work may not be appropriate.

After the Assessment, the Consultant provides recommendations about logical next steps, which can cover the gamut of custom options:

  1. Conclude Consulting after the Assessment (client might not be ready);
  2. Proceed with all consulting phases;
  3. Proceed with Education, but not Implementation.
  4. If Implementation, include details of staged roll-out if applicable.

At the end of the Assessment, next steps are identified including Education Plan, and/or Implementation Plan as agreed by consultant and client.