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“We won’t experience 100 years of progress in the 21st century—it will be more like 20,000 years of progress (at today’s rate).” ~ Ray Kurzweil, SingularityHub


The roots of change always go farther back in history than a snapshot in time may suggest, and every generation sees advancements that stun their predecessors. In the 1990’s, organizations operating in traditional style found that by the time a product reached the market, it was already too late. The most profound examples of this are the aerodynamics and automotive industries.

When the speed of progress keeps accelerating faster than companies can reliably adapt, constant attentiveness and pivot are imperative for organizations who want to be, not only ahead of the game, but in the game at all.

C-suite executives who need faster time to market and greater productivity among workers may want to read on.


Symphony Solutions, as an ICAgile Authorized Provider and SAFe Program Consultant, offers Consulting services and sub-services in the following areas, with hybrids and combinations as needed for all custom work:



Agile is primarily a mindset, a culture, a way of seeing that leads to increased business agility. In real terms, agile transformation is the ability of a company to move from a more traditional hierarchical structure to multiple cross-functional autonomous teams, empowered to move in quick iterations to accelerate change and increase time to market. It is primarily used in software development, where flexibility and rapid release are endemic to the work process, and works best in companies where motivation is strong and tread is light.

Agile transforms how people work together, such that self-management teams recognize problem areas quickly, and quality products can reach the market earlier than expected. Self-management means that the deciding action for each issue is determined by the member with the most expertise in that given area. These teams of 3 – 9 people meet daily to discuss progress and address issues on the spot. The scope of a project in software development can be so wide, that regular connectivity within teams is imperative to resolving issues to achieve “continuous delivery,” described as “the holy grail of Agile.” (TechBeacon)


Pioneers of Agile Transformation have led the way for others to adopt and practice. Symphony Solutions made a company-wide commitment to the Agile journey over two years ago and has since become a new pioneer of agile everywhere.

Agile everywhere goes beyond lean, flat management across all development teams to include support services such as HR, Finance, Digital Marketing, and Leadership.

To accomplish this, Symphony Solutions hired and retains a guiding agile coalition to provide consulting for clients, their own employees, and those in the communities in which they serve.