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Relocate to Poland with Symphony Solutions

Symphony Solutions announces the beginning of the Relocation Program to Poland. We are looking for people who are passionate about their job and would like to pursue their career at Symphony Solutions new office in Kraków, Poland.

Check the available vacancies and contact our recruiters to take the next step in your life and career.

Relocation Program is designed with the intention to facilitate relocation of Symphony Solutions employees from one location to Symphony Solutions Kraków office (which we set up for Scientific Games Digital). Symphony Solutions tries to make sure that the process of employee relocation into a new location and work environment is smooth.

Relocation to Kraków, Poland

For employees or candidates who relocate to Kraków from outside Poland – Symphony Solutions provides a relocation bonus which equals to 2000 euro. This sum is supposed to cover the following expenses:

  • Visa cost
  • Travel expenses
  • Real estate agent cost
  • Accommodation rent for 1st month
  • Residence Card


For Symphony Solutions employee or Candidate

Every Ukrainian should have a biometric passport, so he/she doesn’t need a visa to enter Poland. Otherwise, we require the candidate to have a PL or Schengen visa.
Candidates outside of Ukraine would need to make sure that they have a PL or Schengen visa valid for at least 3 months after they enter PL.

For Family member

After the candidate gets the residence permit he can apply himself for the family reunion. Symphony Solutions provides legal consultations regarding this. Symphony Solutions may cover the costs.

The family reunion procedure is described, most common in four ways:

a) There is a person who legally lives and works in Poland and has a close family (wife, kids) that lives outside the EEA (European Economic Area). If this family would like to live together in Poland, they have to arrive to Poland and apply for the residence cards for the family member of the person who already legally lives and works in Poland. The person has to prove that he / she is able to support his family monthly.

b) There is a person who would like to relocate to Poland and has / had some relatives (grandmother, grandfather, great grandmother, great grandfather) who live / lived in Poland. In such case, the person can prove that he is naturally connected to Poland and can apply for the Polish Card. The Polish Card allows him / her to legally live and work in Poland with no limitations.

c) There is a person who lives outside the EEA and his/her spouse is from EEA. In this case, both of them can move to Poland without any additional documents and stay in Poland permanently.

d) There is a person who lives outside EEA and had studied full time and graduated from one of the universities or colleges in Poland. Having graduated from one of the above mentioned schools allow the person to live and work in Poland legally. Once the person finds work and can provide for his/her family, they can move to Poland based on the same procedure as in point a).

Travel Expenses

Relocation expenses might include:

  • Fuel if employee is traveling by privately owned car
  • Flight tickets + baggage cost
  • Bus/train tickets for you and your family + baggage cost

Legal Assistance

Symphony Solutions will support its employees during all the steps needed for legalization. Symphony Solutions works closely with 3rd party company who does provide the legal support. Symphony Solutions covers the costs for that administration of an employee.

Accommodation rent

Symphony Solutions cooperates with Real Estate Agency that helps to find the temporary accommodation for Symphony Solutions employees relocated to Kraków.

The relocation bonus is supposed to cover:

  • Real estate fee
  • 1 month rent cost

Approximate apartment rent cost:

  • 1 room apartment – monthly cost is around 380 EUR
  • 2 rooms apartment – monthly cost is around 500 EUR
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