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Come to the Pykonic Conference in Krakow, 25 October

The Snake Paradise – Pykonik

With so many conferences this year, it’s hard to decide which one is worth visiting. Each has value in its own right.  Attending all is improbable, but Pykonik is something different. While other meetups seem to focus on theory, Pykonik aims to show developers how to achieve programming standards of large, high-profile western companies.



Pykonik is known to host prominent figures in the industry, and this year is no different, with an impressive and varied line-up of speakers:

Andriy Voronin – Python software engineer at heart, Andrew is an active developer at Symphony Solutions. He has a keen eye on details and enjoys dissecting complex software mechanisms. Andrew is also proficient in machine vision technologies and deep neural networks that are used in image recognition applications.

Adam Byrtek – A CTO at Airsorted, Adam is leading a team of programmers in the global startup company where they help owners manage apartments on platforms such as Airbnb,

Dominik Czarnota – An experienced developer in Python, C#, and C++, Dominik loves reverse engineering and security. After work, he is an active contributor to the Pwndbg project, as well as an active participant in the CTF community.

Christopher Lozinski – A born polyglot, Christopher is an MIT graduate with dual US-EU citizenship. He left Silicon Valley and moved to Poland where he learned about the ZODB database. By using ZODB he created many successful projects including the well known platform.

Meet us there!

Symphony Solutions is a sponsor and invites everyone to share this experience. We will hope to see you there.

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