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Special Personal Color Training as Integral Element of Our Approach

It’s not a secret that a rainbow has got seven colors. We all have our special ones. What if those colors could define your acceptance of others and vice versa? At Symphony we learn to accept all colors of the rainbow.

Personal Color training

Being accepted and perceived by the others is essential. It’s not only about being accepted as a professional, but also for who you are. At Symphony Solutions, personality of the employee is really important, it’s even more significant than the skills, talents, or professional contribution that a person can make in the company. In our company we’ve got “colleagues choose colleagues” approach which means that if somebody wants to join us, firstly, they need to pass the interview with some of our employees. No matter what your hair, skin color, music tastes or religious views are, we hire you for your personal characteristics, inner motivation and enthusiasm, your high interest in the company, willingness to grow professionally and emotionally.

Here we provide a special Personal Color test and training as integral elements of our approach.

Personal Color training is one of the core trainings at Symphony Solutions. Also, each Symphonian after 6 months of employment takes a special test before the training. Personal Color includes not only self-assessment but also assessment of you from about 12-15 respondents. It gives employee an opportunity to compare what they think about themselves with the vision the others have on them. This allows to form an objective picture of yourself and pay attention to things you could never notice.

The feedback is differentiated between behavior within a businesslike- or a private environment. The case could be that an individual is recognized within the businesslike environment as ambitious and proactive while within another environment he shows different behavior. All those feedbacks enable creating an extensive personality profile.

Therefore, after the test every person at Symphony gets their color. It can be red, yellow, green or blue. Each color has its characteristics. Red color mostly belongs to bright emotional people. Yellow is about optimistic and very helpful ones when green is inherent to calm and tranquil individuals. Closed and enigmatic people usually get blue color.

 Personal Color training Symphony Solutions

Personal Color training

There is no right or wrong colors. They are not traffic lights and red, for instance, does not mean you need to stop and not talk to the person of this color. These colors just give a possibility of better understanding of your strengths and weaknesses, how you get accepted by others and what opportunities your character gives you.

Personal Color training Symphony Solutions

Afterwards, the training follows with the personality profile description of the characteristics and behavior of an individual. The training lasts 4 hours and includes different activities, like knowledge sharing, discussions, group drawings, exercises with projective cards, video demonstrations and interactive games. Actually, the training is mostly about fun and entertainment, and Symphonians do enjoy it.

As a result of the training, every participant receives an extensive profile, new knowledge and skills related to emotional intelligence (EQ) and namely relationships management.


Personal Color is an innovative and highly effective instrument which is used for composing, developing and educating teams within Symphony, recruitment and selection, management development, training and coaching.

Why is it important? The company is interested in giving every employee a possibility to grow. If a person does what he or she likes, can grow personally and professionally, they can always stay motivated which equals diligent work. It’s obvious that the better the employee becomes, the more satisfied with themselves they are and the better they work. Consequently, the quality of service that customers require is much higher. Understanding yourself is a key to a successful implementation of your dreams and purposes.

Find your unique color with Symphony Solutions!