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Languages are a door to the bigger world. Open the world with Symphony Solutions. Learn and improve your English, German or Polish with us.

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Language School

English. Grow and improve with a variety of classes we offer, from regular to business, from reading clubs to bright performances. Speak and think in English. Be English

German. Öffnen Sie die Welt der deutschen Kultur, erfahren Sie jeden Tag etwas Neues und finden Sie Spaß an den interessantesten Unterrichten mit ihren KollegInnen.

Polish. Poznaj nieznany świat wiedzy, oglądaj filmy i bierz udział w zabawnych dyskusjach, mów o gramatyce w wesoły sposób i odczuj rytm języka.

Regular English

Our standard classes include 4 basic skills practice with a special focus on speaking and interactive exercises that keep our students motivated and challenged.

Business English

Business English course teaches our employees how to communicate effectively in a working environment. They learn how to express themselves more fluently and confidently when speaking with customers and colleagues in various situations.

Creative activities

Integrity is a key to everything. It is a significant component in our language classes and other creative activities our students are involved in. So we do our best to help them enjoy their journey to the world of knowledge

Summer School Classes

Our summer courses help our students to enlarge and improve their Vocabulary, brush up their Grammar, enchant people with right Pronunciation, enrich their Business vocabulary, and develop essential knowledge and skills through TED talks.

Drama Club

Taking part in drama classes is an excellent way to improve both communication and collaboration skills. Performing on real stage in front of their colleagues allows our students to receive warm applause and recognition as well as a lot of fun. It also helps them build their confidence, expand their imagination and grow as one ensemble.

Reading Club

Language is vast and diverse. Having a variety of expressions up your sleeve adds up to your confidence when delivering a speech and helps during negotiations,presentations etc. To gain an ability to paraphrase, describe and explain in wide terms, our students have an opportunity to attend the Reading Club where through world-known stories, they grasp new vocabulary and styles of English.

Our Teachers

We are proud to say that with our offices in Ukraine, Macedonia and Poland, we’ve got an international team of teachers who have high qualifications including certificates recognized worldwide (CELTA). Having many years of experience and using a set of effective techniques, they are willing to be your friends in the process of improving your English, offering flexibility, creativity and motivation for you to strive for success. Our teachers have been recently recognized by Symphony as the Best Performing Team 2016

Our Students

Inspiration is another essential value of the company. Therefore, our students, inspired by their teachers, are involved in different kinds of activities such as drama and performances, language school parties, band and choir, sports competitions, and clubs of interests with like-minded colleagues. They’re always passionate about learning and are eager to grow and improve.