New Sportsbook Platform Increases User Preference [Case Study]

New Sportsbook Platform Increases User Preference [Case Study]


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Ladbrokes Coral new sportsbook platform case study


The gambling and betting sector in the UK is a high-stakes dynamic business with a continuing influx of new competitors and new users. The fragmented market and fierce regulatory pressure put service providers at their utmost scrutiny to deliver absorbing user experiences for sophisticated punters, whose betting behavior trades among 5 different brands.

At a CAGR of 11.4%, the iGaming and Betting market of over $60 billion is expected to top $125 billion by 2026 (Statista), though results are often higher.


Ten years is not old for any company. But Symphony Solutions, nearly 11, wanted to explore ways to evolve their branding. Ideas and visual expressions had been added over the years, such that the image was not as single-focused and cohesive as Founder and Chief Executive Theo Schnitfink once intended.


Symphony Solutions began collaboration with this client 6 years ago and was the original technological partner to Coral Group to successfully deliver a fully-fledged sportsbook front-end platform in record time. With the Ladbrokes Coral merger fully adapted, Symphony Solutions was entrusted with developing and delivering the Ladbrokes iteration of such platform.

“On the stream is bolstering your product offering, while also scaling up and increasing robust capability during peak times. We need to be able to handle hign volume while retaining performance.”



The scrupulous process involved 9 intense months of collaboration between Symphony Solutions teams and client to develop the Ladbrokes Sportsbook, which includes newly added features to gain ownership and reduce licensing fees.

This new Sportsbook has optimizations and improvements, such as:

  • Increased speed and load resilience
  • Scalable Microservice technology
  • A new heuristic design with a fresh and engaging look
  • Simplified navigation and transaction journeys

These combined latest updates bolster the platform technology and feature capacity to fully embrace and reflect a single technological multi-brand front-end sportsbook platform to drive financial synergies and inspire preference among users.


The newly developed Ladbrokes Sportsbook front end-platform was launched in October 2019 with a bold new user interface across Native, Mobile, Tablet and Desktop, which also includes bet placement optimization and functionalities to result in the all-time highest customer satisfaction on record.

The next mission, already underway, is to migrate both the Coral and Ladbrokes sportsbook front-end platforms to the GVC proprietary platform to place the company in a position of increased efficiency and profitability.


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