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The Netherlands in Krakow

Why Krakow

Why would Symphony Solutions, the Dutch Digital Transformation company headquartered in Amsterdam, open an office in Krakow, when new business could easily be serviced from one of their other offices? The answer, because their newest client from the UK asked them to, and they were quick to oblige.

Krakow is seen to be home to the type of high-level talent on which our client insists, and it doesn’t hurt that Krakow is known as a youthful city with a rarefied cool. In fact, in 2016 Conde Nast Traveler, a luxury travel publication based in the United States, voted Krakow as one of the top 5 cities in the world.

Why Interesting to Engineers

Engineers love dynamic businesses with high needs for scaling during intense periods of online activity. Additionally, in a recent study conducted by Symphony Solutions in Krakow, 70% of engineers agreed with the statement, “I would love to go to a smaller company and help it grow.” This is a huge opportunity for challenge-driven people who want to make something happen, to look back at successes they created, to feel the pride at taking a small office and bringing it through a rich journey.

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Why Symphony

That Symphony Solutions was recognized in December, 2017 by CIO Bulletin as one of the “50 Best Places to Work” is a nice acknowledgment, but the most meaningful accolades come from those who work there.

From Business Analyst Milosz Basiaga in Krakow,

“After working in a more rigid corporate environment, I was so happy to join a people-oriented culture, which is so open and relaxed.”

And this from Sunny Vashishtha, Site Lead, Krakow.

“I was inspired by the opportunity to build a product development office in Krakow and hire talented people to add value to Symphony Solutions and our dynamic client.”

A Dutch Village, Really?

As a Dutch company, Symphony Solutions enjoys an allure among those seeking the collegial embrace of well-practiced colleagues, professional growth, and an original physical workspace modeled on the Dutch Village, Zaanse Schans. While the permanent location in Krakow is still in remodeling, its design will be identical to the 3 other Symphony locations – a circular format around an open park setting, with astro green turf, picnic tables, a swing hung from the second story and several life-size Dutch Friesian cow replicas. Bicycles and colorful Dutch clogs add style and authenticity to the theme.

Photos which follow are the Symphony Solutions’ office in Lviv, but all offices are similarly styled.

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The green village ‘houses’ surrounding the park are meeting rooms, each derived from a legacy heritage – The Red Light District, The Delft Blue Room, The Flying Dutchman Room, and others. Props and cues enhancing this theme, such as brightly colored clogs, bicycles, and Mr. and Mrs. Cannabis images give life and authenticity to the village.

Anyone in a bad mood wouldn’t last long in this environment.

Culture First

Our new Client found Symphony through a trusted referral and felt compatible with the Symphony values based on trust and intimacy which drive the style of freedom of mind and freedom with each other. When candidates come in for interviews, the culture is palpable, such that they can feel whether it matches their personalities and work styles. That type of match is one of the most important drivers of success.

What About You

To complete the scrutiny of both Symphony Solutions and our Client, you will likely thrive in an Agile work environment, embrace new challenges and hard work, be among the top 20% of all engineers in Krakow and mostly, love joining on the ground-floor and working to build the Symphony Krakow office into the kind of company you are proud to help grow.

Open vacancies at Symphony Solutions in Krakow, Poland:


Lead Java Software Developer

Senior Java Software Developer

Middle Java Software Developer


Senior Python Software Developer

Middle/Regular Python Software Developer


Senior Frontend Software Developer

Middle Frontend Software Developer


Lead DevOps Engineer

Quality Assurance

Lead QA/Software Tester

QA/Software Tester (Automated)

Middle QA/Software Tester (Manual)


Employee Relationship Coordinator


Finance Specialist in Krakow




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