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Symphony Solutions Hosted “Lviv Spring” Symposium

On Friday, March 25th, we were glad to host “Lviv Spring” Symposium which is the part of City Embassy program of Pakhuis de Zwijger.

Lviv Spring Symposium

Since Lviv remains one of the most-European cities in Ukraine and is a pioneer on the path towards the freedom, integrity and civic engagement of Ukrainians, it was interesting to find out how “City Makers” can connect with urban networks elsewhere in Europe from the bottom up and create new political, commercial and cultural momentum. The significance of Association Agreement is relevant to the Symposium discussion as a new impetus for further fostering of Lviv Spring.

The Symposium started with a positive view on Lviv through the lens of documentary photography by Dolph Kessler, co-author of “Lviv, city of paradoxes”.

Dutch and Ukrainian activists shared their views both on the stage of de Zwijger’s Grote Zaal as well as via Skype. At first, a word was given to Ukrainians Mark Zarkin, cultural hospitality entrepreneur, Julian Chaplinskyy, Chief Architect of Lviv, Bozhena Zakalyuzhna, incubator developer, Volodomyr Beglov, radio, Internet and print journalist, Sofia Dyak, historian, Andriy Moskalenko, vice mayor of Lviv. Theo Schnitfink, the CEO of Symphony Solutions, has talked about Lviv as the platform of a successful IT business.

Lviv Spring Symposium

After a short intermission, Dutch perspectives of Lviv as a gateway to Europe have been discussed by Peter de Vreede, FOL Chairman, Kees van Ruyven, Lviv-based FOL board member, co-author of “Lviv, city of paradoxes”, Michiel Driebergen, Ukraine and Poland-based journalist, co-author of “Lviv, city of paradoxes” and “The Jews of Lemberg”, among others, NL- based Ukrainian with roots in Lviv, Ruud Meij, philosopher and co-director of Governance & Integrity, working in Lviv, Kiev and Odessa.

The event was accompanied by photos, videos and music from Lviv.

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