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KindHack Skopje: Coding for Charity

This past weekend, Symphony Solutions hosted its first charity hackathon in Skopje. In just 48 hours, 4 teams brainstormed, built and presented technology solutions to address digital challenges faced by four Skopje-based nonprofit organizations.

Nonprofits typically operate on tight budgets and can’t access all the programs they need. KindHack Hackathon wanted to give these organizations the much-needed boost and let them take full advantage of IT solutions and top-tier technology that could help advance their missions.

The challenges

The nonprofits were selected based on their roles in the community and how this project would benefit their constituents. The participating organizations are listed below:

  1. Gestalt is a community of therapists working with vulnerable groups who need counsel. With their mobile app proposal, they want to facilitate the online process of those in need to access psychologists, who donate their time. Anyone who seeks help would be able to download their app and receive counsel.
  2. provides opportunities for professional women to learn, lead and succeed and companies, the opportunity to find the right female candidates. Their goal is to build an online platform where women can submit their CVs and choose their area of expertise, while beneficiaries can find them with a simple keyword search.
  3. OXO is a leading non-governmental organization working on non-profit projects for communication, environmental education and consulting. Through their mobile app, can mark how they help to protect the environment with their day-to-day activities such as: riding a bike, walking, planting a tree etc.
  4. KRIK is an organization for people with disabilities. They want to make an online map to search and find wheelchair accessible places in Macedonia and encourage site owners to ensure their facilities

The atmosphere

KindHack kicked off with NGOs introducing their challenges. Each team of 4 to 6 people tried out disruptive ideas to ultimately create a prototype for their big presentations Sunday evening. All teams were mentored by experts at Symphony Solutions and a guest mentor from Systems4Enterprise.

The energy and drive were palpable in the room, as teams raced against the clock.

When asked “What did you like the most about the hackathon?”  one winner replied:

Thank you for giving me and my team the opportunity to participate in the hackathon. We had a great time during the event and thanks to our mentors we gained useful experience. It was a pleasure to meet you in person and spent time in your offices.”

Aleksandar Bojkovski, mentor at the KindHack said:

“This hackathon brought together developers, designers and QAs with an open mind, big hearts ready to work and build awesome projects in 2 days. I was very happy to work with so many motivated people”.

A big thank you

This event was made possible by KindHack’s contributors, partners, and valuable Symphony volunteers. Symphony Solutions appreciates their support and wants to say THANK YOU!

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Companies and organizations: Nola catering service, PerTe, BrunchBox, Subzy, RedBull, LADNA, Anhoch, JetBrains, La Crème.

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